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world junior rowing championships history

1981 FISA Championships for Juniors– Pantcharevo Bulgaria

1981 mens junior four

1981 Men's Junior Four

l-r Cox: Graeme Barns, Str: Robert Leach, 3: Anthony Imison, 2: Glenn Deag, Bow: Sam Patten

It was no surprise that this representative crew was to come largely come from the same stable as the first Australian junior crew, namely Mercantile Rowing Club. Most of the 1973 crew rowed at Mercantile and their current Captain was a member of that earlier crew. In fact the first two placed crews at the National Championships in the junior four event came from Mercantile. The manager of the crew was Sue Bartlett, younger sister of Charles Bartlett. She was an accomplished administrator and the first women manager of an Australian men's team.


The selectors advised that subject to standard, they wanted to select both men and women juniors in 1981. They used the coxed four as the designated selection event and boat at the National Championships but expressed the desire to expand this for the balance of the Olympiad. Crews were also encouraged to participate at other selection regattas. The tour was to be limited to no more than four weeks. Australian Rowing magazine quoted Reinhold Batschi as saying that “they are tougher than last year's crew (6th ) and will do better.” However it appears the crew and coach thought they were medal prospects.

Results – Men

Men's Junior Scull

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd POL, 3rd BEL, 4th URS, 5th ARG, 6th FRG

Men's Junior Double Scull

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd URS, 3rd ESP, 4th POL, 5th NOR, 6th BUL

Men's Junior Quad Scull

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd ROM, 3rd FRA, 4th NED, 5th URS, 6th ESP

Men's Junior Coxless Pair

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd URS, 3rd CAN, 4th BUL, 5th BUL, 6th FRG

Men's Junior Coxed Pair

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd URS, 3rd GRE, 4th BUL, 5th ROM, 6th YUG

Men's Junior Coxless Four

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd FRG, 3rd YUG, 4th FRA, 5th TCH, 6th URS

Men's Junior Coxed Four

Final: 1st GDR 4:46.47, 2nd URS 4:49.03, 3rd FRG 4:50.07, 4th AUS 4:51.30, 5th BUL 4:44.07, 6th ITA 4:59.07

The crew raced well finishing 0.6 seconds off the bronze medal.

Men's Junior Eight

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd URS, 3rd FRG, 4th FRA, 5th GRE, 6th

Australian Team

Men's Junior Coxed Four– Fourth

  • Bow: Sam Patten (VIC)
  • 2: Glenn Deag (VIC)
  • 3: Tony Imison (VIC)
  • Str: Rob Leach (VIC)
  • Cox: Graeme Barns (VIC)
  • Cch: Michael Manley (VIC)
  • Emerg: Greg Pechan (VIC)

Manager: Sue Bartlett (VIC)
Selectors: Reinhold Batschi (Chairman), Bruce Evans (NSW), William Hay (SA) and Islay Lee (NSW).

Results – Women

Women's Junior Scull

Final: 1st ROM, 2nd NED, 3rd URS, 4th GDR, 5th HUN, 6th FRA

Women's Junior Double Scull

Final: 1st ROM, 2nd GDR, 3rd URS, 4th FRA, 5th AUT, 6th BUL

Women's Junior Coxed Quad Scull

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd FRG, 3rd ROM, 4th FRA, 5th BUL, 6th NED

Women's Junior Pair

Final: 1st BUL, 2nd URS, 3rd ROM, 4th GDR, 5th FRG, 6th USA

Women's Junior Coxed Four

Final: 1st URS, 2nd GDR, 3rd BUL, 4th FRG, 5th CAN, 6th TCH

Women's Eight

Final: 1st GDR, 2nd URS, 3rd TCH, 4th FRG, 5th GBR, 6th BUL

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