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History of NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Regattas

1986 NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Championships– Tweed River, Murwillumbah

Overall Results

Boys Pointscore
1st: Grafton HS 16 points
2nd: Maclean HS
Nepean HS
14 points
Girls Pointscore
1st: Grafton HS 21 points
2nd: Murwillumbah HS 14 points
3rd: Nepean HS
Tweed River HS
8 points
Champion School
1st: Grafton HS 37 points
2nd: Murwillumbah HS 25 points
3rd: Nepean HS 22 points

Boys' Results

Boys Champion Eight
Time: 5:14.21 1st: Murwillumbah HS
Margins: 1.58 2nd: Maclean HS
36.12 3rd: Nepean HS
Boys Champion Four
Time: 5:32.12 1st: Chatham HS
Margins: 0.93 2nd: Nepean HS
16.74 3rd: Grafton HS
Boys Champion Lightweight Four
Time: 5:56.08 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 13.06 2nd: Maclean HS
49.68 3rd: Sydney Boys HS
Boys Champion Pair
Time: 5:43.69 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 1.82 2nd: Murwillumbah HS
7.97 3rd: Grafton HS
Boys Champion Single Sculls
Time: 5:47.34 1st: Nepean HS No.1 - Edwin Sargeant
Margins: 6.43 2nd: Maclean HS - David Priddle
20.46 3rd: Nepean HS No.2 - Andrew Horst
Boys Second Four
Time: 5:55.56 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 24.81 2nd: Nepean HS
3rd: xxx
Boys Novice Four
Time: 3:48.02 1st: Murwillumbah HS
Margins: 12.72 2nd: Grafton HS
23.28 3rd: Tweed River HS
Boys Junior Four
Time: 3:49.80 1st: Maclean HS
Margins: 8.67 2nd: Balgowlah HS
17.95 3rd: Murwillumbah HS
Boys Junior Single Sculls
Time: 3:57.49 1st: Maclean HS No.1 - Tony Priddle
Margins: 13.02 2nd: Maclean HS No.2 - Gary Collis
14.97 3rd: Maclean HS No.4 - T Gleeson
Boys Year 9 Quad Sculls
Time: 3:48.35 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 1.98 2nd: Sydney Boys HS
12.72 3rd: Nepean HS
Boys Invitation Quad Sculls
Time: 5:35.10 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 8.42 2nd: Maclean HS
16.44 3rd: Murwillumbah HS

Girls' Results

Girls Champion Four
Time: 4:01.09 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 9.95 2nd: Sydney Girls HS
22.35 3rd: Murwillumbah HS
Girls Champion Lightweight Four
Time: 4:15.41 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 9.44 2nd: Murwillumbah HS
21.72 3rd: Nepean HS
Girls Champion Pair
Time: 4:30.51 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 3.03 2nd: Grafton HS
15.90 3rd: Taree HS
Girls Champion Single Sculls
Time: 4:25.00 1st: Tweed River HS - Maree Spedding
Margins: 42.32 2nd: Nepean HS - Joanne Hartsorn
3rd: xxx
Girls Second Four
Time: 4:16.70 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 11.81 2nd: Murwillumbah HS
22.02 3rd: Nepean HS
Girls Novice Four
Time: 4:16.40 1st: Murwillumbah HS
Margins: 10.34 2nd: Maclean HS
18.22 3rd: Grafton HS
Girls Junior Four
Time: 4:17.80 1st: Murwillumbah HS
Margins: 8.12 2nd: Grafton HS
45.29 3rd: Mount Druitt HS
Girls Junior Single Sculls
Time: 4:18.70 1st: Tweed River HS - Jenny Hafey
Margins: 3.55 2nd: Taree HS - K Coleman
21.03 3rd: Maclean HS - S Cameron
Girls Year 9 Quad Sculls
Time: 4:23.00 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 1.05 2nd: Taree HS
6.36 3rd: Murwillumbah HS
Girls Invitation Quad Sculls
Time: 3:40.91 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 6.40 2nd: Nepean HS
8.34 3rd: Murwillumbah HS

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