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History of NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Regattas

1965 NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Championships– Parramatta River, Abbotsford

Overall Results

Champion School
1st: Homebush Boys HS 42 points
2nd: Narwee Boys HS 36 points

Event Results

Boys Champion Four
Time: 1st: Lismore HS
Margins: 2nd: Narwee Boys HS
3rd: Richmond River HS
Boys Second Four
Time: 1st: Ibrox Park HS
Margins: 2nd: Cleveland Street Boys HS
3rd: Sydney Boys HS
Boys First Tub Pair
Time: 1st: Homebush Boys HS
Margins: 2nd: Ibrox Park HS
3rd: Cleveland Street Boys HS
Boys Second Tub Pair
Time: 1st: Richmond River HS
Margins: 2nd: Sydney Boys HS
3rd: Narwee Boys HS

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