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History of NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Regattas

1984 NSW Combined High Schools Rowing Championships– Nepean River, Penrith

Overall Results

Boys Pointscore
1st: Nepean HS 14 points
2nd: Taree HS
Maclean HS
11 points
Girls Pointscore
1st: Nepean HS 26 points
2nd: Grafton HS 8 points
3rd: Mt Druitt HS 7 points
Champion School
1st: Nepean HS 40 points
2nd: Taree HS 15 points
3rd: Maclean 11 points

Boys' Results

Boys Champion Eight
Time: 4:38.39 1st: Sydney Boys HS No.1
Margins: 7.30 2nd: Sydney Boys HS No.2
23.81 3rd: Maclean HS
Boys Champion Four
Time: 5:11.44 1st: Sydney Boys HS No.2
Margins: 0.88 2nd: Taree HS
13.87 3rd: Sydney Boys HS No.1
Boys Champion Lightweight Four
Time: 5:32.87 1st: Chatham HS
Margins: 6.45 2nd: Taree HS
6.06 3rd: Mt Druitt HS
Boys Champion Pair
Time: 5:39.78 1st: Taree HS
Margins: 32.69 2nd: Nepean HS
23.72 3rd: Kingsgrove HS
Boys Champion Single Sculls
Time: 5:42.80 1st: Nepean HS - Edwin Sargeant
Margins: 13.68 2nd: Taree HS - Matthew Laughlin
11.25 3rd: Grafton HS - Simon Dunlop
Boys Novice Four
Time: 3:35.00 1st: Maclean HS
Margins: 0.20 2nd: Sydney Boys HS
5.49 3rd: Sydney Tech. HS
Boys Junior Four
Time: 3:24.62 1st: Maclean HS
Margins: 4.30 2nd: Chatham HS
2.28 3rd: Taree HS
Boys Junior Single Sculls
Time: 4:00.23 1st: Nepean HS - Andrew Horst
Margins: 1.53 2nd: Maclean HS - Tony Ford
1.70 3rd: Concord HS - Istvan Nemeth
Boys Year 9 Quad Sculls
Time: 3:43.30 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 0.89 2nd: Penrith HS
easily 3rd: Mt Druitt HS

Girls' Results

Girls Champion Four
Time: 3:46.00 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 5.04 2nd: Grafton HS No.1
9.23 3rd: Grafton HS No.2
Girls Champion Lightweight Four
Time: 4:05.00 1st: Grafton HS
Margins: 15.15 2nd: Nepean HS
7.07 3rd: Mt Druitt HS
Girls Champion Pair
Time: 4:04.00 1st: Nepean HS No.1
Margins: 10.21 2nd: Nepean HS No.2
10.46 3rd: Mt Druitt HS
Girls Champion Single Sculls
Time: 4:04.48 1st: Nepean HS - Jan Bonwick
Margins: 9.60 2nd: Taree HS - Sue Calvin
13.13 3rd: Grafton HS - J Felsch
Girls Novice Four
Time: 4:13.00 1st: Murwillumbah HS
Margins: 1.66 2nd: Mt Druitt HS
7.47 3rd: Grafton HS
Girls Junior Four
Time: 3:59.16 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: 7.92 2nd: Taree HS
2.98 3rd: Mt Druitt HS
Girls Junior Single Sculls
Time: 4:31.60 1st: Nepean HS No.1 - Christine Rieksen
Margins: 4.52 2nd: Nepean HS No.2 - Celie Townsend
20.37 3rd: Riverside Girls HS - Kate Holt
Girls Year 9 Quad Sculls
Time: 4:08.00 1st: Nepean HS
Margins: easily 2nd: Mt Druitt HS
3rd: xxx

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