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history of australian rowing at world championships

2022 World Championships - Racice, Czech Republic

The Senior Championships returned after years of pandemic disruptions. 

Australia still finished fourth on the medal tally behind Great Britain, the Netherlands and Italy. Sadly no gold medals were won. Five medals came from Olympic boat classes, men's double scull, women's four, men's four, women's scull and men's eight. The other three were in para classes, PR2 women's scull, PR2 women's pair and PR2 men's pair.

Men's Double Scull in the final
Photo courtesy of World Rowing

Paul Thompson MBE, High Performance Director said, “There was some really spirited racing out there today and our three Bronze medals round off a World Championships where 25 team members won medals and stood on the podium from eight medal boats.” 

Thompson also commented and said, "The boats were diversely spread across the team, men, women, and para squads and in sculling and sweep. Our rowers did us proud in all of the boats and fought really well. Our focus now is to look at the lessons learned, what improvements need to be made and start preparing for next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Qualification World Championships regatta in Serbia.” 

Women's Four
Photo courtesy of World Rowing

Men's Four on podium
Photo courtesy of World Rowing

Images of the Australian team at 2022 World Cup 3 at Lucerne and at 2022 Henley Royal Regatta can be found through these links.

Daily Results Summaries

Sunday 18th September 2022

Monday 19th September 2022

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Wednesday 21st September 2022

Thursday 22nd September 2022

Friday 23rd September 2022

Saturday 24th September 2022

Sunday 25th September 2022

Results—Men & Mixed

Men's Scull

Men's Double Scull

Men's Quad Scull

Men's Pair

Men's Four

Men's Eight

Men's Lightweight Scull

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

Men's Lightweight Quad Scull

Men's Lightweight Pair

Men's PR1 Scull

Men's PR2 Scull

Men's PR3 Pair

Mixed PR2 Double Scull

Mixed PR3 Double Scull

Mixed PR3 Coxed Four


Women's Scull

Women's Double Scull

Women's Quad Scull

Women's Pair

Women's Four

Women's Eight

Women's Lightweight Scull

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Women's Lightweight Pair

Women's PR1 Scull

Women's PR2 Scull

Women's PR3 Pair

Australian Team

Men's Scull - Twelfth

Jack Cleary
Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM (NTC)

Men's Double Scull - Bronze

Bow: David Bartholot (NSW)
Str: Caleb Antill (ACT)
Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM (NTC)

Men's Pair - Fifth

Bow: Harley Moore (QLD)
Str: Alexander Hill OAM (SA)
Coach: Lyall McCarthy OAM (NTC)

Men's Four - Silver 

Bow: Alexander Purnell OAM (NSW)
2: Spencer Turrin OAM (NSW)
3: Jack Hargreaves OAM (NSW)
Str: Joseph (Jack) O’Brien (NSW)
Coach: Rhett Ayliffe (NTC)

Men’s Eight - Bronze

Bow: Rohan Lavery (VIC)
2: Nicholas Lavery (VIC)
3: Henry Youl (TAS)
4: Benjamin Canham (VIC)
5: Angus Widdicombe (VIC)
6: Timothy Masters (VIC)
7: Sam Hardy (NSW)
Str: Jackson Kench (NSW)
Cox: Kendall Brodie (NSW)
Coach: Mark Prater (NTC)

Men's Lightweight Scull - Ninth

Hamish Harding (ACT)
Coach: David Fraumano (ACTAS)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull - Sixteenth

Bow: Red Matthews (VIC)
Str: Oscar McGuinness (SA)
Coach: David Fraumano (ACTAS)

Men's PR1 Scull - Fourth

Erik Horrie OAM (NSW)
Coach: Jason Baker OAM (NSW)

Men's PR3 Pair - Silver

Bow: Nicholas Neales (ACT)
Str: James Talbot (NSW)
Coach: Gordon Marcks (NTC)

Mixed PR3 Coxed Four - Fourth

Bow: Jessica Gallagher (VIC)
2: Alexandra Viney (VIC)
3: Thomas Birtwhistle  (NSW)
Str: James Talbot (NSW)
Coxswain: Teesaan Koo (VIC)
Coach: Gordon Marcks (NTC)

Women’s Scull - Bronze

Tara Rigney (NSW)
Coach: Ellen Randell (NTC)

Women’s Quadruple Scull - Sixth

Bow: Harriet Hudson (NSW)
2: Rowena Meredith (NSW)
3: Katrina Bateman (VIC)
Str: Kathryn Rowan (QLD)
Coach: John Keogh (NTC)

Women’s Pair - Ninth

Bow: Georgie Gleeson (VIC)
Str: Eliza Gaffney (VIC)
Coach: John Keogh (NTC)

Women’s Four - Bronze 

Bow: Lucy Stephan OAM (VIC)
2: Katrina Werry (VIC)
3: Bronwyn Cox (WA)
Str: Annabelle McIntyre OAM (WA)
Coach: John Keogh (NTC)

Women’s Eight - Fifth

Bow: Eleanor Price (NSW)
2: Jean Mitchell (VIC)
3: Paige Barr (VIC)
4: Jacqueline Swick (WA)
5: Ella Bramwell (SA)
6: Giorgia Patten (WA)
7: Georgina Rowe (NSW)
Str: Emma Fessey (NSW)
Cox: Talia Barnet-Hepples (NSW)
Coach Tom Westgarth (NTC)

Lightweight Women’s Single Scull - Seventeenth

Georgia Nesbitt (TAS)
Coach: Ellen Randell (NTC)

Lightweight Women’s Double Scull - Tenth

Bow: Anneka Reardon (ACT)
Str: Lucy Coleman (NSW)
Coach: Ellen Randell (NTC)

PR2 Women’s Single Scull - Silver

Kathryn Ross (ACT)
Coach: Renae Domaschenz (ACT)

PR3 Women's Pair - Silver

Bow: Alex Vuillermin
Stroke: Alexandra Viney
Coach: Gordon Marcks (NTC)

Vuillermin and Viney enjoy the podium
Photo courtesy of World Rowing


Laura Gourley (NSW)
Patrick Holt (NSW)
Simon Keenan (VIC)

Support Team

Paul Thompson MBE - High Performance Director
Wayne Diplock - Team Manager

Rhett Ayliffe preparing boats
Photo courtesy of World Rowing

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