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history of australian rowing at world championships

2002 World Championships- Seville Spain

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Australian Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

bow Zita Van der Walle, 2 Marguerite Houston, 3 Miranda Bennett, str Hannah Every

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Men's Single Scull

E1: 1st GER, 2nd SVK, 3rd ARG, 4th FIN, 5th BUL, 6th ROM
E2: 1st NOR, 2nd NED, 3rd UKR, 4th GRE, 5th EGY
E3: 1st SLO, 2nd CZE, 3rd AUT, 4th USA, 5th ITA, 6th AUS
R1: 1st NED, 2nd ARG, 3rd USA, 4th Rom, 5th EGY
R2: 1st SVK, 2nd BUL, 3rd AUT, 4th AUS, 5th GRE
R3: 1st CZE, 2nd ITA, 3rd FIB, 4th UKR
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd SLO, 3rd AUT, 4th RG, 5th ITA, 6th SVK
SF2: 1st NOR, 2nd CZE, 3rd NED, 4th USA, 5th FIN, 6th BUL
Final C: 13th UKR, 14th AUD, 15th GRE, 16th EGY
Final B: 7th ARG, 8th ITA, 9th SVK, 10th BUL, 11th USA, 12th FIN
Final: 1st Marcel Hacker (GER) 6:38.33, 2nd Iztok Cop (SLO) 6:39.00, 3rd Olaf Tufte (NOR) 6:39.45, 4th CZE, 5th NED, 6th AUT

Women's Single Scull

E1: 1st BUL, 2nd GBR, 3rd U+ITA, 4th NED, 5th ESP
E2: 1st GER, 2nd CHN, 3rd NZL, 4th HUN, 5th LAT
E3: 1st RUS, 2nd CUB, 3rd BLR, 4th CHI, 5th USA
R: 1st ESP, 2nd HUN, 3rd NED, 4th LAT, 5th CHI, 6th USA
SF!: 1st BUL, 2nd GER, 3rd ITA, 4th CUB, 5th NED, 6th NZL
SF2: 1st CHN, 2nd BLR, 3rd RUS, 4th ESP, 5th GBR, 6th HUN
Final C: 13th USA, 14th CHI, 15th LAT
Final B: 7th GBR, 8th ESP, 9th NED, 10th CUB, 11th NZL, 12th HUN
Final: 1st Rumyana Neyova (BUL) 7:07.71, 2nd Ekalerina Karsten (BLR) 7:11.74, 3rd Kathrin Rutschow-Stomporowski (GER) 7:12.07, 4th CHN, 5th ITA, 6th RUS

Women's Pair

E1: 1st ROM, 2nd GER, 3rd BUL, 4th NZL, 5th NED, 6th ITA
E2; 1st BLR. 2nd USA, 3rd AUS, 4th UKR, 5th GBR, 6th ISR
E3; 1st RSA, 2nd CAN, 3rd RUS, 4th FRA, 5th CHN
R1: 1st USA, 2nd BUl 3rd FRA, 4th GBR, 5th ITA
R2: 1st RUS, 2nd GER, 3rd UKR, 4th NED
R3: 1st CAN, 2nd NZL, 3rd AUS, 4th CHN, 5th ISR
SF1: 1st ROM, 2nd RSA, 3rd UKR, 4th RUS, 5th NZL, 6th BUL
SF2: 1st BLR, 2nd CAN, 3rd AUS, 4th USA, 5th GER, 6th FRA
Final C: 13th GBR, 14th NED, 15th CHN, 16th ISR, 17th ITA
Final B: 7th RUS, 8th GER, 9th FRA, 10th NZL, 11th BUL, 12th USA
Final: 1st ROM (Georgeta Andrunache and Viorica Susanu) 6: 53.80, 2nd CAN (Jacqueline Cook and Karen Clarke) 6:57.08, 3rd BLR (Yuliya Bichyk and Natallia Helakh) 6:59.21, 4th UKR 7:02.62, 5th RSA 7:08.51, 6th AUS 7:08.60

Martin and Heinke had a great race in the semi final overcoming the Americans who had the better of them in the heat. The Romanians dominated the final and the finalists were clear. It was a tight race with the South Africans for the 5th and 6th places.

Men's Coxless Pair

E1: 1st CRO, 2nd CZE, 3rd ITA, 4th LTU, 5th GER
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd YUG, 3rd CAN, 4th BRA, 5th EGY
E3: 1st GBR, 2nd RSA, 3rd ARG, 4th ROM, 5th USA, 6th ESP
R1: 1st YUG, 2nd ITA, 3rd EGY, 4th ROM
R2: 1st CZE, 2nd ARG, 3rd BRA, 4th ESP, 5th GER
R3: 1st RSA, 2nd CAN, 3rd LTU, 4th USA
SF!: 1st GBR, 2nd CRO, 3rd CZE, 4th CAN, 5th ITA, 6th BRA
SF2: 1st AUS, 2nd RSA, 3rd YUG, 4th LTU, 5th ARG, 6th EGY
Final C: 13th GER, 14th USA, 15th ROM, 16th ESP
Final B: 7th CAN, 8th LTU, 9th BRA, 10th ARG, 11th ITA, 12th EGY
Final: 1st GBR (James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent) 6:14.27, 2nd RSA (Ramon Di Clemente and Donovan Cech) 6:15.80, 3rd CRO (Sinisa Skelin and Niksa Skelin) 6:15.97, 4th AUS 6:16.02, 5th YUG 6:21.32, 6th CZE 6:21.73

This was the comeback season for Drew Ginn following back surgery that kept him out of the 2000 Games. It was also the first international outing since those Games for James Tomkins. They raced the heat and semi final to perfection and looked likely to take the gold. However the other crews had different ideas and James and Drew missed out on a medal by 0.05 seconds in a very tight race—less than half a second between silver and fourth placing. The crew failed to handle the rough conditions on the finals day.

Women's Double Scull

E1: NZL, 2nd GBR, 3rd USA, 4th FRA, 5th GER
E2: 1st RUS, 2nd ITA, 3rd CAN, 4th ROM, 5th LTU, 6th POL
R1: 1st GBR, 2nd FRA, 3rd CAN, 4th LTU
R2: 1st ITA, 2nd GER, 3rd ROM, 4th USA, 5th POL
FinalB: 7th LTU, 8th USA, 9th CAN, 10th POL, 11th ROM
Final: 1st NZL (Georgina Evers-Swindell and Caroline Evers-Swindell) 6:38.78, 2nd RUS (Larisa Merk and Irina Fedotova) 6:41.06, 3rd ITA (Elisabetta Sancassini and Gabriella Bascelli) 6:41.65, 4th GBR 6:44.27, 5th GER 6:46.59, 6th FRA 6:49.48

Men's Double Scull

E1: 1st HUN, 2nd GBR, 3rd CRO, 4th LTU, 5th BEL, 6th UKR
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd FRA, 3rd BRA, 4th USA, 5th GRE, 6th ESP
E3: 1st ITA, 2nd CUB, 3rd GER, 4th CZE, 5th NOR, 6th AUT
R1: 1st CZE, 2nd FRA, 3rd UKR, 4th GRE, 5th CRO
R2: 1st GER, 2nd GBR, 3rd AUT, 4th USA, 5th BEL
R3: 1st CUB, 2nd BRA, 3rd LTU, 4th ESP, 5th NOR
SF1: 1st AUS, 2nd GBR, 3rd HUN, 4th FRA, 5th CUB, 6th LTU
SF2: 1st ITA, 2nd CZE, 3rd GER, 4th BRA, 5th UKR, 6th AUT
Final C: 13th NOR, 14th USA, 15th BEL, 16th CRO, 17th GRE, 18th ESP
Final B: 7th FRA, 8th CUB, 9th BRA, 10th LTU, 11th AUT, 12th UKR
Final: 1st HUN 6:05.74 (Akos Haller and Tibor Peto), 2nd ITA 6:06.93 (Agostino Abbagnale and Franco Berra), 3rd GER 6:07.77 (Andre Willms and Andreas Hajek), 4th AUS 6:08.82, 5th CZE 6:14.79, 6th GBR 6:16.54

The Australian double looked set for a medal in this event after winning both their heat and semi-final in the fastest times. The Hungarians and Germans had held something back for the final and surprised the field. It was disappointing for the Australians but still a good result.

Men's Coxless Four

E1: 1st GER, 2nd NZL, 3rd DEN, 4th POL, 5th RUS
E2: 1st GBR, 2nd NED, 3rd FRA, 4th BUL, 5th LTU, 6th CZE
E3: 1st SLO, 2nd ITA, 3rd USA, 4th BLR, 5th GRE
R1: 1st FRA, 2nd NZL, 3rd CZE, 4th BLR, 5th RUS
R2: 1st NED, 2nd POL, 3rd USA, 4th LTU
R3: 1st ITA, 2nd BUL, 3rd DEN, 4th GRE
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd NED, 3rd SLO, 4th NZL, 5th USA, 6th BUL
SF2: 1st GBR, 2nd ITA, 3rd FRA, 4th POL, 5th DEN, 6th CZE
Final C: 13th LTU, 14th RUS, 15th BLR, 16th GRE
Final B; 7th NZL, 8th POL, 9th DEN, 10th SLO, 11th CZE, 12th USA
Final: 1st GER 5:41.35 (Sebastian Thormann, Paul Dienstbach, Phillip Stuer and Bernd Heidicker), 2nd GBR 5:41.60 (Joshus West, Stephen Williams, Toby Garbett and Richard Dunn), 3rd ITA 5: 44.12 (Niccolo Mornati, Raffaello Leonardi, Lorenzo Carboncini and Carlo Mornati), 4th SLO 5:44.99, 5th NED 5:48.46, 6th FRA 5:52.02

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

E1: 1st GER, 2nd CAN, 3rd FRA, 4th CUB, 5th ZIM, 5th AUT
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd DEN, 3rd USA, 4th FIN, 5th GRE, 6th IRL
E3: 1st GBR, 2nd POL, 3rd NED, 4th ROM, 5th NOR, 6th ITA
R1: 1st CAN, 2nd USA, 3rd ROM, 4th ZIM, 5th IRL
R2: 1st NED, 2nd DEN, 3rd GRE, 4th ITA, 5th CUB
R3: 1st POL, 2nd FRA, 3rd FIN, 4th NOR, 5th AUT
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd GBR, 3rd NED, 4th USA, 5th FRA, 6th GRE
SF2: 1st AUS, 2nd POL, 3rd DEN, 4th CAN,. 5th ROM, 6th FIN
Final C: 13th CUB, 14th ZIM, 15th NOR, 16th ITA, 17th AUT, 18th IRL
Final B; 7th USA, 8th CAN, 9th FRA, 10th GRE 11th FIN, 12th ROM
Final: 1st AUS 6:52.84 (Sally Causby and Amber Halliday), 2nd GER 6:53.56 (Janet Radunzel and Claudia Blasberg), 3rd GBR 6:55.28 (Helen Casey and Tracey Langlands), 4th POL 6:57.28, 5th NED 6:59.69, 6th DEN 7:07.08

The Australians comfortably won their heat and semi final and had over a second in the final. They were clearly the in form crew in this event and raced superbly.

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

E1: 1st AUS, 2nd DEN, 3rd ESP, 4th NED, 5th FRA, 6th CAN
E2: 1st GER, 2nd RUS, 3rd BEL, 4th GRE, 5th TUR, 6th USA
E3: 1st POL, 2nd GBR, 3rd ALG, 4th LTU, 5th TUN
E4: 1st ITA, 2nd JPN, 3rd BRA, 4th SUI, 5th IRL, 6th MEX
R1: 1st GRE, 2nd JPN, 3rd FRA, 4th MEX, 5th ALG
R2: 1st GBR, 2nd NED, 3rd BEL, 4th IRL
R3: 1st RUS, 2nd ESP, 3rd USA, 4th SUI, 5th TUN
R4: 1st DEN, 2nd BRA, 3rd TUR, 4th CAN, 5th LTU
SFA/B: 1st GER, 2nd AUS, 3rd DEN, 4th RUS, 5th NED, 6th JPN
SFA/B: 1st ITA, 2nd POL, 3rd GRE, 4th ESP, 5th GBR, 6th BRA
SFC/D: 1st FRA, 2nd TUR, 3rd IRL, 4th SUI, 5th LTU, 6th ALG
SFC/D: 1st USA, 2nd BEL, 3rd CAN, 4th MEX, 5th TUN
Final D: 19th SUI, 20th MEX, 21st TUN
Final C: 13t BEL, 14th IRL, 15th FRA, 16th CAN, 17th TUR, 18th USA
Final B: 7th ESP, 8th RUS, 9th GBR, 10th NED, 11th BRA, 12th JPN
Final: 1st ITA 6:10.80 (Elia Luini and Leonardo Pettinari), 2nd POL 6:13.50 Tomasz Kucharski and RobertSycz), 3rd DEN 6:14.82 (Mads Rasmussen and Rasmus Hansen), 4th GER 6:15.03, 5th GRE 6:19.82, 6th AUS 6:21.30

This was the first start for Dan Stewart in this very tough event. The Australian crew started well winning their heat and keeping the eventual bronze medal winning Danes in second place. They repeated this in the semi final but were beaten into first place by the Germans. The final was disappointing for the Australians but shows the depth and toughness of these fields with the Danes picking up bronze and the Germans missing out of a medal.

Men's Lightweight Four

E1; 1st DEN, 2nd IRL, 3rd USA, 4th NED, 5th TUR
E2: 1st CAN, 2nd FRA, 3rd GBR, 4th SUI, 5th JPN
E3: 1st ITA, 2nd GER, 3rd YUG, 4th POR, 5th PAR
E4: 1st AUS, 2nd AUT, 3rd POL, 4th ESP
R1: 1st IRL, 2nd GBR, 3rd POR
R2: 1st FRA, 2nd YUG, 3rd ESP, 4th TUR
R3: 1st GER, 2nd POL, 3rd NED, 4th JPN
R4: 1st AUT, 2nd USA, 3rd SUI, 4th PAR
SFA/B: 1st DEN, 2nd ITA, 3rd FRA, 4th AUT, 5th POL, 6th GBR
SFA/B: 1st AUS, 2nd GER, 3rd CAN, 4th IRL, 5th YUG, 6th USA
SFC/D: 1st NED, 2nd PORm 3rd TUR, 4th PAR
SFC/D: 1st ESP, 2nd SUI, 3rd JPN
Final D: 18th JPN, 19th PAR
Final C: 13th NED, 14th SUI, 15th POR, 16th ESP, 17th TUR
Final B: 7th IRL, 8th POL, 9th AUT, 10th USA, 11th YUG, 12th GBR
Final: 1st DEN 5:47.21 (Hans Krisensen, Thomas Ebert, Stephan Moelvig and Eskild Ebbesen), 2nd ITA 5:49.41 (Lorenzo Bertini, Catello Amarante, Salvatore Amitrano and Bruno Mascarenhas Antunes), 3rd CAN 5:50.55 (Douglas Vandor, Iain Brambell, Jonathon Mandick and Gavin Hassett), 4th AUS 5:51.74, 5th GER 5:52.47, 6th FRA 5:58.70

The Australians had a good run through to the final meeting only the silver medallists on the way through and defeating them in the semi-final. Therefore the final was a disappointment coming in fourth.

Women's Quad Scull

E1: 1st UKR, 2nd AUS, 3rd DEN, 4th NED, 5th ESP
E2: 1st BLR, 2nd GER, 3rd GBR, 4th USA, 5th RUS
R1: 1st AUS, 2nd GBR, 3rd RUS, 4th NED
R2: 1st GER, 2nd DEN, 3rd USA, 4th ESP
Final B: 7th USA, 8th NED, 9th RUS, 10th ESP
Final: 1st GER 6:15.66 (Peggy Waleska, Marita Scholz, Manuala Lutze and Kerstin El Qalqili), 2nd DEN 6:16.12 (Astrid Haastrup Jespersen, Sarah Lauritzen, Dorthe Pedersen and Majbrit Nielsen), 3rd BLR 6:18.12 (Inesa Zakharevskaya, Ekaterina Karsten, Volha Berazniova and Maryia Varona), , 4th AUS 6:19.26, 5th GBR 6:20.15, 6th UKR 6:20.50

The heat times gave away the final placings with both Belarus and Germany having the fastest times by far. Denmark was the surprise finishing third in the heat and second in their repechage. The Australian's fourth placing was consistent with their racing results.

Men's Quad Scull

E1: 1st GER, 2nd UKR, 3rd FRA, 4th USA, 5th DEN
E2: 1st ITA, 2nd RUS, 3rd BLR, 4th SLO, 5th EGY, 6th VEN
E3: 1st POL, 2nd NED, 3rd EST, 4th CZE, 5th GRE, 6th BRA
R1; 1st RUS, 2nd CZE, 3rd FRA, 4th EGY
R2: 1st EST, 2nd SLO, 3rd UKR, 4th DEN, 5th BRA
R3: 1st BLR, 2nd USA, 3rd NED, 4th GRE, 5th VEN
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd POL, 3rd UKR, 4th CZE, 5th EST, 6th USA
SF2: 1st ITA, 2nd RUS, 3rd BLR, 4th FRA, 5th SLO, 6th NED
Final C: 13th DEN, 14th GRE, 15th EGY, 16th BRA, 17th VEN
Final B: 7th EST, 8th SLO, 9th CZE, 10th USA, 11th NED, 12th FRA
Final: 1st GER 5:39.57 (Rene Bertram, Stephen Volkert, Marco Geisler and Robert Sens), 2nd POL 5:40.43 (Adam Bronikowski, Marek Kolbowicz, Slawomir Kruszkowski, Adam Korol), . 3rd ITA 5:43.62 (Mattia Righetti, Marco Ragazzi, Rossano Galtarossa and Simone Raineri), 4th UKR 5:45.70, 5th RUS 5:45.95, 6th BLR 5:46.09


Australian Team

Men's Single Scull—Fourteenth
Mitchell Punch (ACT)
Cch: Reinhold Batschi (ACT)

Men's Double Scull—Fourth
Bow: Craig Jones (ACT)
Str: Peter Hardcastle (NSW)
Cch: Reinhold Batschi (ACT)

Men's Coxless Pair—Fourth
Bow: Drew Ginn (VIC)
Str: James Tomkins (VIC)
Cch: Chris O'Brien (VIC)

Men's Coxed Pair—Bronze
Bow: Thomas Laurich (NSW)
Str: Robert Jahrling (NSW)
Cox: Michael Toon (QLD)
Cch: Nick Garrett (NSW)

Men's Coxed Four—Eliminated in Repechage
Bow: David Matthews (NSW)
2: Luke Pougnault (WA)
3: Thomas Laurich (NSW)
Str: Robert Jahrling (NSW)
Cox: Michael Toon (QLD)
Cch: Nick Garrett (NSW)

Men's Eight—Seventh
Bow: Robert Douglas (VIC)
2: Paul Myers (VIC)
3: Warren Keeble (VIC)
4: Travis Johnstone (VIC)
5: Cameron Mckenzie-McHarg (VIC)
6: Karsten Forsterling (VIC)
7: Stefan Szczurowski (WA)
Str: David Dennis (WA)
Cox: Sam Pullen (VIC)
Cch: Nick Garrett (NSW)

Women's Quad Scull—Fourth
Bow: Donna Martin (ACT)
2: Dana Faletic (TAS)
3: Sally Robbins (WA)
Str: Amber Bradley (WA)
Cch: Alan Bennett (NSW)

Women's Pair—Sixth
Bow: Emily Martin (VIC)
Str: Monique Heinke (NSW)
Cch: Lyall McCarthy (ACT)

Women's Four—Gold
Bow: Kristina Larsen (NSW)
2: Jodi Winter (NSW)
3: Rebecca Sattin (WA)
Str: Victoria Roberts (NSW)
Cch: Lyall McCarthy (ACT)

Women's Eight—Silver
Bow: Jodi Winter (NSW)
2: Joanna Lutz (WA)
3: Julia Wilson (NSW)
4: Jane Robinson (VIC)
5: Rachael Taylor (VIC)
6: Rebecca Sattin (WA)
7: Victoria Roberts (NSW)
Str: Kristina Larsen (NSW)
Cox: Carly Bilson (NSW)
Cch: Lyall McCarthy (ACT)

Men's Lightweight Single Scull—Fifth
Anthony Edwards (VIC)
Cch: Chris O'Brien (VIC)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull—Sixth
Bow: Dan Stewart (NSW)
Str: Haimish Karrasch (QLD)
Cch: Bob Bleakley (QLD)

Men's Lightweight Pair—Ninth
Bow: Matthew Russell (TAS)
Str: Shane Broad (TAS)
Cch: Sam le Compte (TAS)

Men's Lightweight Four—Fourth
Bow: Simon Burgess (TAS)
2: Robert Mitchell (NSW)
3: Ben Cureton (WA)
Str: Glenn Loftus (WA)
Cch: Sam le Compte (TAS)

Women's Lightweight Double Scull—Gold
Bow: Sally Causby (SA)
Str: Amber Halliday (SA)
Cch: Adrian David (SA)

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull—Gold
Bow: Zita Van der Walle (NSW)
2: Marguerite Houston (QLD)
3: Miranda Bennett (NSW)
Str: Hannah Every (VIC)
Cch: Adrian David (SA)

Adaptive Single Scull—Bronze
Peter Taylor (NSW)
Cch: John Baskett (NSW)

Adaptive Coxed Four—Gold
Bow: Ben Vines (NSW)
2: Brett Horton (NSW)
3: Ben Felton (NSW)
Str: Glenn Blackley (NSW)
Cox: Susie Edwards (NSW)
Cch: Chad King (NSW)

Men's team captain: Simon Burgess
Women's team captain: Victoria Roberts

Head Coaches:
Men—Noel Donaldson (VIC)
Women—Harald Jahrling (NSW)

Men—Charles Bartlett (NSW) & Head Men's Coach
Women—Barbara Fenner (SA) & Head Women's Coach

Manager: Wayne Diplock (QLD)
Assistant Manager: Alex Murray (ACT)

Adaptive team manager: Shirley Stokes (NSW)
Doctor: Bill Webb (NSW), Hannah Hrones (NSW)
Physiotherapists: Susan Everett (SA), Ivan Hooper (QLD) Craig Purdham (NSW), Kathy Finlay (ACT)
Masseur: Charlotte Cunliffe (UK)
Boatman: Urs Graf (SUI)
Jury: Joy Wooldridge (NSW)

More Results

Women's Eight

E1: 1st USA, 2nd GER, 3rd BLR, 4th CHN
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd CAN, 3rd ROM
R: 1st GER, 2nd ROM, 3rd CAN, 4th BLR, 5th CHN
Final: 1st USA 6:04.25 (Katherine Johnson, Dana Pierce, Caryn Davies,
Maite Urtansun, Bernadette Marten, Alison Cox, Anna Mickelson, Kate Mackenzie and Mary Whipple), 2nd AUS 6:05.10 (as above), 3rd GER 6:05.19 (Anja Pyritz, Maja Tucholke, Britta Holthaus, Dana Pyritz, Nicole Zimmermann, Susanne Schmidt, Lenka Wech, Silke Gunther, Annina Ruppel), 4th ROM 6:10.65, 5th BLR 6:11.18, 6th CAN 6:11.62

The heat and repechage results showed the final result. However the final was a tightly run race with less than a second between the first three crews.

Men's Eight

E1: 1st USA, 2nd AUS, 3rd GBR, 4th ROM, 5th EGY, 6th UKR
E2: 1st CAN, 2nd ITA, 3rd GER, 4th CRO, 5th RUS, 6th POL
R1: 1st GER, 2nd CRO, 3rd AUS, 4th EGY, 5th UKR
R2: 1st ITA, 2nd GBR, 3rd POL, 4th ROM, 5th RUS
Final B: 7th AUS, 8th ROM, 9th EGY, 10th RUS, 11th POL, 12th UKR
Final: 1st CAN 5:26.92 (Matthew Swick, Kevin Light, Benjamin Rutledge, Kyle Hamilton, Joseph Stankevicius, Andrew Hoskins, Adam Kreek, Jeffrey Powell and Brian Price), 2nd GER 5:28.16 (Sebastian Schulte, Thorsten Englemann, JorhDiessner, Stephan Koltzk, Joh Doberschuetz, Enrico Schabel, Ulf Siemes, Michael Ruhe and Peter Thiede), 3rd USA 5:29.27 (Ryan Torgerson, Garrett Klugh, Joseph Hansen, Wolfgang Moser, Michael Wherley, Eric Mueller, Bryan Volpenhein, Jonathan Watling and Peter Cipollone), 4th CRO 5:31.96, 5th ITA 5:33.48, 6th GBR 5:35,78

The crew raced well and showed the promise that the selectors and head coach sought.

Women's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st ROM, 2nd CZE, 3rd GER, 4th PAR, 5th NOR
E2: 1st NED, 2nd CAN, 3rd SUI, 4th SWE, 5th MEX
E3: 1st BUL, 2nd ESP, 3rd USA, 4th GRE, 5th ALG
E4: 1st CRO, 2nd GBR, 3rd ITA, 4th AUT, 5th TUN
R1: 1st USA, 2nd GBR, 3rd SWE, 4th NOR
R2: 1st ESP, 2nd SUI, 3rd TUN, 4th PAR
R3: 1st CAN, 2nd GER, 3rd AUT
R4: 1st CZE, 2nd GRE, 3rd ITA, 4th MEX
SFA/B: 1st BUL, 2nd EP, 3rd CZE, 4th ROM, 5th GER, 6th GBR
SFA/B: 1st USA, 2nd CRO, 3rd NED, 4th GRE, 5th CAN, 6th SUI
SFC/D: 1st SWE, 2nd AUT, 3rd PAR, 4th MEX
SFC/D: 1st TUN, 2nd ITA, 3rd NOR
Final D: 18th NOR, 19th MEX
Final C: 13th TUN, 14th AUT, 15th ITA, 16th SWE, 17th PAR
Final B: 7th GER, 8th ROM, 9th CAN, 10th GRE, 11th GBR, 12th SUI
Final: 1st Victoria Dimitrova (BUL) 7:28.89, 2nd Lisa Schlenker (USA) 7:30.56, 3rd Maria Mas de Xaxars Rivero (ESP) 7:31 21, 4th CRO 7:34.45, 5th CZE 7:36.22, 6th NED 7:39.19

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st IRL, 2nd JPN, 3rd SVK, 4th RSA, 5th GUA
E2: 1st USA, 2nd AUS, 3rd ITA, 4th MEX, 5th GRE
E3: 1st GER, 2nd CZE, 3rd ESP, 4th ALG, 5th TUN
R: 1st MEX, 2nd RSA, 3rd GUA, 4th ALG, 5th GRE, 6th TUN
SF1: 1st IRL, 2nd USA, 3rd ITA, 4th CZE, 5th SVK, 6th GUA
SF2: 1st GER, 2nd AUS, 3rd JPN, 4th RSA, 5th MEX, 6th ESP
Final C: 13th ALG, 14th GRE, 15th TUN
Final B: 7th CZE, 8th SVK, 9th MEX, 10th ESP, 11th GUA, 12th RSA
Final: 1st Sam Lynch (IRL) 6:49.86, 2nd Stefano Basalini (ITA) 6:51.29, 3rd Steve Ticker (USA) 6: 52.94, 4th GER 6:56.38, 5th AUS 6:58.31, 6th JPN 7:00.49

Anthony Edwards was released from double scull duties to race the single. He performed very well but missed out on a medal.

Men's Coxed Pair

E1: 1st GER, 2nd USA, 3rd ARG, 4th ESP
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd ROM. 3rd ITA
R: 1st USA, 2nd ROM, 3rd ITA, 4th ESP, 5th ARG
Final: 1st GER 6:47.93 (Lars Krisch, Andreas Werner, C.Mueller-G), 2nd USA 6:50.60 (Daniel Beery, Dana Schmunk, Joseph Manion), 3rd AUS 6:53.77 (as above), 4th ROM 6:55.27, 5th ESP 6:57.63, 6th ITA 7:18.35

Women's Four

E1: 1st AUS, 2nd NZL, 3rd GER
E2: 1st CAN, 2nd CHN, 3rd USA, 4th ROM
R: 1st USA, 2nd CHN, 3rd NZL, 4th GER, 5th ROM
Final: 1st AUS 6:26.11 (as above), 2nd CAN 6:28.32 ( Roslyn MacLeod, Rachelle De Jong, Darcy Marquardt, Pauline van Roessel), 3rd CHN 6:31.28 (Guifeng Zhao, Cuiping Yang, Huanling Cong, Xueling Feng), 4th NZL 6:34.25, 5th USA 6:35.29, 6th GER 6:35.88

Men's Lightweight Eight

Final: 1st ITA 5:35.05 (Luigi Scala, Alessandro Lodigiani, G. del Gaudio, Nicola Moriconi, Marco Paniccia, Carlo Grands, Stephano Fraquelli, Bruno Pasqualini, Vicenzo di Palma), 2nd GER 5:36.51 (Martin Raeder, lars Achtruth, Martin Fauck, Joachim Puetz, Matthias Hoein, Sven Johannesmeier, Christian Dahlke, Joerg Dederding), 3rd USA 5:38.21 (Gavin Blackmore, Eric Feins, John Cashman, Andrew Liverman, Eril Miller, Jon Douglas, Thomas Paradiso, Matt Smith Bill McManus), 4th DEN 5:40.65, 5th GBR 5:44.60, 6th ESA 6:07.75

Women's Lightweight Pair

Final: 1st GBR 7:29.91 (Naomi Ashcroft, Leonie Barron), 2nd CHI 7:41.21 (Paola Rodriguez Gallardo, Carolina Godoy Alarcon), 3rd ESP 7:47.26 (Maria Almuedo Castillo, Beatrice Casanueva Rodriguez), 4th HUN 7:57.68

Men's Lightweight Pair

E1: 1st CHI, 2nd USA, 3rd FRA, 4th ESP
E2: 1st IRL, 2nd NED, 3rd RUS, 4th GER, 5th GEO
E3: 1st ITA, 2nd AUS, 3rd DEN, 4th BRA, 5th AUT
E4: 1st GBR, 2nd CAN, 3rd ROM, 4th GUA, 5th MEX
R1: 1st CAN, 2nd GER, 3rd DEN
R2: 1st AUS, 2nd RUS, 3rd ESP, 4th MEX
R3: 1st NED, 2nd FRA, 3rd GUA, 4th AUT
R4: 1st USA, 2nd ROM, 3rd BRA, 4th GEO
SFA/B: 1st CHI, 2nd ITA, 3rd USA, 4th AUS, 5th FRA, 6th GER
SFA/B: 1st IRL, 2nd GBR, 3rd CAB, 4th NED, 5th ROM, 6th RUS
SFC/D: 1st DEN, 2nd SEO, 3rd MEX, 4th GUA
SFC/D: 1st ESP, 2nd AUT, 3rd BRA
FinalC: 13th ESP, 14th DEN, 15th AUT, 16th GEO
Final B: 7th NED, 8th ROM, 9th AUS, 10th GER, 11th RUS, 12th FRA
Final: 1st CHI 6:29.97 (Cristian Yanti Garces, Miguel Cerda Silve), 2nd ITA 6:31.9 (Carlo Gaddi, Franco Sancassani), 3rd GBR 6:34.40 (Ned Kittoe, Nicholas English), 4th CAN 6:39.83, 5th USA 6:41.43, 6th IRL 6:45.67

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

E1: 1st AUS, 2nd ESP, 3rd ITA, 4th DEN
E2: 1st USA, 2nd NED, 3rd GBR, 4th ESA
R: 1st NED, 2nd ITA, 3rd ESP, 4th GBR, 5th DEN, 6th ESA
Final B: 7th DEN, 8th ESA
Final: 1st AUS 6:29.55 (as above), 2nd NED 6:30.01 (Mariel Pikkemaat, Mirjam Ter Beek, Judith van Os, Maud Klinkers), 3rd USA 6:32.48 (Anne Finke, Abigail Cromwell, Michelle Borkhuis, Wendy Campanella), 4th ESP 6: 38.07, 5th GBR 6: 39.39, ITA 6:41.15

Men's Lightweight Quad Scull

E1: 1st ITA, 2nd GBR, 3rd USA, 4th ARG, 5th JPN
E2: 1st ESP, 2nd NED, 3rd GER, 4th GRE, 5th CHI
R1: 1st GBR, 2nd GER, 3rd ARG, 4th CHI
R2: 1st NED, 2nd USA, 3rd GRE, 4th JPN
Final B: 7th JPN, 8th ARG, 9th GRE, 10th CHI
Final: 1st ITA 5:51.89 (Emanuele Federici, Daniele Gilardoni, Luca Moncada, Filippo Mannucci), 2nd ESP 5:54.23 (Jose Antonio Martin, Juan Luis Aguirre, Carlos Loriente, Alberto Dominguez), 3rd NED 5:54.59 (Wolter Blankert, Vincent de Loos, Dylan van der Linde, Martin Bosma), 4th GBR 5:55.03, 5th GER 5:57.63, 6th USA 6:01.31

Men's Coxed Four

E1: 1st GBR, 2nd GER, 3rd CRO
E2; 1st ITA, 2nd SLO, 3rd USA, 4th AUS
R: 1st GER, 2nd USA, 3rd CRO, 4th SLO, 5th AUS
Final: 1st GBR 6:06.70 (Tom Stallard, Steve Trapmore, Luka Grubor, Kieren West, Christiam Cormack), 2nd GER 6: 08.88 ( (Arne Landgraf, Martin Zobelt, Jan Broeer, Klaus Rogge, Stefan Lier), 3rd CRO 6:10.54 (Igor Boraska, Oliver Martinov, Ivan Jukic, Ninoslav Saraga, Luka Travas), 4th ITA 6:12.72, 5th SLO 6:14.42, 6th USA 6:14.62

Adaptive Fixed Seat Single Scull

Final: 1st USA 2 4:47.95 (Scott Brown), 2nd USA 1 5:03.62 (Angela Madsen), 3rd AUS 6:17.44 (Peter Scott)

Adaptive Coxed Four

Final: 1st AUS 3:42.75 (as above), 2nd ESP 3:55.05 (Ramon Martin, Marcos Vega, Juan Pedro Fiz, Alfonso Galiano, Javier Maestre), 3rd USA 3:59.97 (Aerial Gilbert, Jean Longchamps, Dwayne Adams, Tracy Lee, Lisa Boron), 4th NED 4:07.41, 5th GRE 4:09.80, 6th POR 4:12.22, 7th GER 4:18.04

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