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history of australian rowing at world championships

2000 World Championships- Zagreb Croatia

These Championships were as usual conducted in conjunction with the Junior Championships. The Australian team performed excellently as the result on this page show.

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Men's Coxed Four

E1: 1st CZE, 2nd USA, 3rd FRA, 4th DEN, 5th RUS
E2: 1st GBR, 2nd GER, 3rd CRO, 4th UKR
E3: 1st ROM, 2nd ITA, 3rd NED, 4th LTU
R: 1st RUS, 2nd DEN, 3rd UKR, 4th LTU
SF1: 1st GBR, 2nd FRA, 3rd CZE, 4th ITA, 5th UKR, 6th CRO
SF2: 1st USA, 2nd GER, 3rd ROM, 4th NED, 5th DEN, 6th RUS
Final B: 7th ITA, 8th NED, 9th CRO, 10th DEN, 11th RUS, 12th UKR
Final: 1st GBR 6:16.82, 2nd USA 6:18.53, 3rd GER 6:21.57, 4th FRA 6: 22.08, 5th ROM 6:23.30, 6th CZE 6:26.84

Women's Four

E1: 1st BLR, 2nd NED, 3rd DEN, 4th UKR, 5th CHN
E2: 1st ROM, 2nd POL, 3rd USA , 4th GER, 5th RUS
R1: 1st NED, 2nd USA , 3rd UKR, 4th RUS
R2: 1st POL, 2nd DEN, 3rd GER, 4th CHN
Final B: 7th UKR, 8th GER, 9th RUS, 10th CHN
Final: 1st BLR 6:44.90, 2nd POL 6:47.16, 3rd 6:49.90, 4th NED 6:50.19, 5th USA 6:55.64, 6th DEN 6:56.31

Men's Coxed Pair

E1: 1st FRA, 2nd USA , 3rd GBR, 4th RUS, 5th GER, 6th CRO
E2: 1st GRE, 2nd CZE, 3rd ITA, 4th UKR, 5th ROM, 6th HUN
R1: 1st USA , 2nd ITA, 3rd UKR, 4th CRO, 5th GER
R2: 1st HUN, 2nd ROM, 3rd CZE, 4th RUS, 5th GBR
Final B: 7th RUS, 8th CZE, 9th UKR, 10th GBR, 11th GER, 12th CRO
Final: 1st USA 7:07.15, ROM 7:10.11, 3rd FRA 7:10.66, 4th ITA 7:11.38, 5th HUN 7:12.19, 6th GRE 7:26.98

Men's Lightweight Pair

E1: 1st NED, 2nd YUG, 3rd POL, 4th GER. 5th HUN, 6th CRO
E2: 1st ITA, 2nd DEN, 3rd GRE, 4th SWE, 5th USA
E3: 1st GBR, 2nd CAN, 3rd FRA, th MEX, 5th ESP
R1: 1st GRE, 2nd YUG, 3rd HUN, 4th MEX
R2: 1st DEN, 2nd GER, 3rd FRA, 4th USA
R3: 1st CAN, 2nd POL, 3rd SWE, 4th ESP, 5th CRO
SF1: 1st CAN, 2nd ITA, 3rd NED, 4th GER, 5th YUG, 6th SWE
SF2: 1st GBR, 2nd DEN, 3rd POL, 4th FRA, 5th GRE, 6th HUN
Final C: 13th ESP, 14th MEX, 15th CRO, 16th USA
Final B: 7th YUG, 8th SWE, 9th GER, 10th FRA, 11th GRE, 12th HUN
Final: 1st CAN 6:49.55, 2nd GBR 6:50.18, 3rd DEN 6:50.26, 4th NED 6:51.23, 5th ITA 6:57.14, 6th POL 7:00.34

Women's Lightweight Pair

E1: 1st USA , 2nd GER, 3rd ESP, 4th HUN
E2: 1st GBR, 2nd GRE, 3rd ZIM
R: 1st GER, 2nd ZIM, 3rd GRE, 4th ESP, 5th HUN
Final: 1st GBR 7:32.93, 2nd USA 7:35.80, 3rd GER 7:49.94, 4th ZIM 7:51.41, 5th GRE 7:58.37, 6th ESP 8:03.86

Women's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st USA, 2nd CZE, 3rd SWE, 4th POL, 5th ZIM, 6th POR
E2: 1st FIN, 2nd NED, 3rd ITA, 4th CRO, 5th HKG, 6th DEN
E3: 1st IRL, 2nd GER, 3rd LAT, 4th GBR, 5th VEN
R1: 1st NED, 2nd SWE, 3rd GBR, 4th POR, 5th HKG
R2: 1st CZE, 2nd CRO, 3rd ZIM, 4 h LAT
R3: 1st GER, 2nd ITA, 3rd POL, 4th DEN, 5th VEN
SF1: 1st FIN, 2nd USA , 3rd GER, 4th CRO, 5th SWE, 6th POL
SF2: 1st IRL, 2nd NED, 3rd GBR, 4 h CZE, 5th ITA, 6th ZIM
Final C: 13th POR, 14th HKG, 15th LAT, 16th DEN, 17th VEN
Final B: 7th CRO, 8th POL, 9th CZE, 10th SWE, 11th ITA, 12th ZIM
Final: 1st FIN 8:13.50, 2nd GER 8:20.53, 3rd IRL 8:24.30, 4th USA 8:27.30, 5th GBR 8:28.60, 6th NED 8:29.59

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st CZE, 2nd SUI, 3rd GER, 4th YUG, 5th RUS, 6th VEN
E2: 1st ITA, 2nd HUN, 3rd FIN, 4th ESP, 5th BEL, 6th NZL
E3: 1st IRL, 2nd SVK, 3rd USA , 4th CHI, 5 h CRO, 6th SLO
E4: 1st POL, 2nd GBR, 3rd FRA, 4th BUL, 5th POR, 6th DEN
R1: 1st DEN, 2nd USA, 3rd GBR, 4th RUS, 5th ESP
R2: 1st SVK, 2nd FIN, 3rd YUG, 4th SLO, 5th POR
R3: 1st HUN, 2nd NZL, 3rd GER, 4th BUL, 5th CRO
R4: 1st SUI, 2nd BEL, 3rd FRA, 4th CHI, 5th VEN
SF1: 1st CZE, 2nd IRL, 3rd SVK, 4th NZL, 5th USA, 6th SUI
SF2: 1st HUN, 2nd POL, 3rd ITA, 4th FIN, 5th BEL, 6th DEN
Final D: 19th CRO, 20th SLO, 21st YUG, 22nd POR, 23rd VEN, 14th CHI
Final C: 13th GER, 14th RUS, 15th GBR, 16th FRA, 17th ESP, 18th BUL
Final B: 7th FIN, 8th BEL, 9th SUI, 10th USA, 11th DEN, 12th NZL
Final: 1st CZE 7:21.32, 2nd IRL 7:22.02, 3rd SVK 7:27.94, 4th POL 7:28.62, 5th ITA 7:34.85, 6th HUN 7:54.54

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

E1: 1st AUT, 2nd USA , 3rd DEN, 4th ITA, 5th RUS
E2: 1st GER, 2nd JPN, 3rd IRL, 4th RSA
E3: 1st AUS, 2nd CHN, 3rd GBR, 4th NED
R: 1st NED, 2nd ITA, 3rd RUS, 4th RSA
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd CHN, 3rd AUT, 4th DEN, 5th IRL, 6th RUS
SF2: 1st AUS, 2nd JPN, 3rd GBR, 4th USA , 5th NED, 6th ITA
Final B: 7th USA, 8th NED, 9th DEN, 10th ITA, 11th IRL, 12th RUS
Final: 1st GER 6:54.16, 2nd AUS 6:56.78, 3rd CHN 6:58.21, 4th JPN 7:02.01, 5th GBR 7:03.00, 6th AUT 7:03.29

The Australians won their heat in the fastest time and also won their semi-final. The gold medallist German crew was very strong in their semi-final win and so the final placings were not unexpected.

Men's Lightweight Quad Scull

E1: 1st ITA, 2nd DEN, 3rd HUN, 4th CZE, 5th CAN
E2: 1st GER, 2nd SWE, 3rd NED, 4th POR, 5th USA
E3: 1st JPN, 2nd AUT, 3rd ESP, 4th IRL
R: 1st POR, 2nd USA , 3rd IRL, 4th CAN, 5th CZE
SF1: 1st JPN, 2nd ESP, 3rd ITA, 4th SWE, 5th HUN, 6th USA
SF2: 1st GER, 2nd AUT, 3rd DEN, 4th POR, 5th NED, 6th IRL
Final C: 13th CZE, 14th CAN
Final B: 7th SWE, 8th USA, 9th NED, 10th POR, 11th IRL, 12th HUN
Final: 1st JPN 6:06.43, 2nd ITA 6:08.84, 3rd ESP 6:09.34, 4th GER 6:15.33, 5th DEN 6:19.40, 6th AUT 6:24.26

Men's Lightweight Eight

E1: 1st USA , 2nd AUS, 3rd NED, 4th GER, 5th ESP
E2: 1st GBR, 2nd JPN, 3rd DEN, 4th ITA
R1: 1st AUS, 2nd DEN, 3rd ESP, 4th ITA
R2: 1st GER, 2nd NED, 3rd JPN
Final B: 7th JPN, 8th ITA, 9th ESP
Final: 1st USA 5:55.04, 2nd GBR 5:58.06, 3rd AUS 5:59.70, 4th GER 6:04.49, 5th DEN 6:05.80, 6th NED 6:08.93

The Australians finished second behind the gold medallists USA in the heat and won the repechage by half a length. The final was raced to form with the Australians taking home bronze behind the form crew from USA who won easily and the British crew who had won their heat easily.

Australian Team

australian senior and junior teams

The senior and junior teams

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull—Silver
Bow: Eliza Blair (VIC)
2: Amber Halliday (SA)
3: Sally Causby (SA)
Str: Catriona Roach (NSW)
Cch: Neil Myers (SA)

Men's Lightweight Eight—Bronze
Bow: Matt Russell (VIC)
2: Andrew Black (NSW)
3: Shane Broad (TAS)
4: Andrew Butler (TAS)
5: Karl Parker (NSW)
6: Michael Wiseman (NSW)
7: Ben Cureton (WA)
Str: Glen Loftus (WA)
Cox: Kenny Chan (WA)
Cch: John Driessen (TAS)

Manager: Peter Huggett (QLD)
Head Coach of non-Olympic & junior teams: Adrian David (SA)
Selectors: Dr David Yates (VIC) and Dr Graham Jones (NSW)
Doctor: De Hannah Hrones (NSW)
Physiotherapist: Michael Heynun

Australian Silver medallist Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Silver medallist Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Catriona Roach, Sally Causby, Amber Halliday and Eliza Blair

Australian Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Australian Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

Australian Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

results board

Australian Bronze medallist Men's Lightweight Eight

Bronze medallist Men's Lightweight Eight

Bow: Matt Russell, 2: Andrew Black, 3: Shane Broad, 4: Andrew Butler, 5: Karl Parker, 6: Michael Wiseman, 7: Ben Cureton, Str: Glen Loftus, Cox: Kenny Chan

Australian Men's Lightweight Eight

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