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history of australian rowing at world championships

1987 World Championships- Copenhagen Denmark

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Men's Coxed Four

Men's Coxed Four

Regrettably these Championships were marred by bad weather which made conditions unfair. As a result of the unfair course, FISA made a most extraordinary decision and allowed the fastest qualifiers the choice of lanes.

Australia was moved from the favoured lane 6 to the unfavourable lane 2 one hour before the final. Although the wind dropped for the final, Australia's lane was unfair and the change had unsettled the crew.

The positions achieved by the eight, Peter Antonio and the women's lightweight four were admirable in the circumstances but disappointing to the crews themselves. The women's lightweight four suffered severe difficulties making weight and this is thought to have had some bearing on their final result.

The men's lightweight eight found tricky winds difficult to handle. The men's coxed four was clearly capable of making the final but appear to have suffered from inexperience in handling the heat and semi-final.

The Australians had gone to these Championships with high hopes: the men's eight and Peter Antonie were defending their titles and the men's lightweight eight had impressive prospects. The team left disappointed.

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Men's Single Scull

Final B: 7th USA, 8th NED, 9th AUT, 10th SUI, 11th SWE, 12th BEL
Final: 1st GDR 7.37.48; 2nd FRG; 3rd FIN, 4th FRA, 5th URS, 6th NZL

Men's Double Scull

Final B: 7th AUT, 8th NED, 9th FRA, 10th URS, 11th CAN, 12th FIN
Final: 1st BUL 7.03.33; 2nd FRG; 3rd GDR, 4th NOR, 5th BEL, 6th ITA

Men's Quad Scull

Final B: 7th BUL, 8th HUN, 9th TCH, 10th SUI, 11th ITA, 12th FRA
Final: 1st URS 6.11.25; 2nd NOR; 3rd CAN, 4th GDR, 5th POL, 6th AUT

Men's Coxless Pair

Final B: 7th BRA, 8th FIN, 9th CAN, 10th FRG, 11th ITA, 12th ESP
Final: 1st GBR 7.11.20; 2nd ROM. 3rd URS, 4th GDR. 5th AUT, 6th FRA

Men's Coxed Pair

Final B: 7th CAN, 8th TCH, 9th FRA
Final: 1st ITA 7.40.81; 2nd GBR; 3rd ROM, 4th GDR, 5th USA, 6th BUL

Men's Coxless Four

Final B: 7th FRG, 8th FRA, 9th YUG, 10th SWE, 11th ITA, 6th AUT
Final: 1st GDR 6.39.70; 2nd URS; 3rd USA, 4th GBR, 5th ITA, 6th NED

Men's Coxed Four

Final B: 7th FRG, 8th AUS, 9th ESP, 10th SUI, 11th FRA, 12th TCH
Final: 1st GDR 6.41.74; 2nd URS; 3rd ITA, 4th CAN, 5th GBR, 6th YUG

Men's Eight

Final B: 7th URS, 8th NZL, 9th GBR, 10th POL, 11th BRA
Final: 1st USA 5.58.83; 2nd GDR; 3rd ITA, 4th AUS, 5th CAN, 6th FRG

Men's lightweight single scull

Final B: 7th USA, 8th POR, 9th HUN, 10th AUT, 11th SUI
Final: 1st BEL 8.06.10; 2nd CAN; 3rd ITA, 4th DEN, 5th AUS, 6th NED

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

Final B: 7th FRG, 8th SWE, 9th DEN, 10th BEL, 11th POR
Final: 1st ITA 7.40.38; 2nd FRA; 3rd GBR, 4th CAN, 5th USA, 6th NED

Men's Lightweight Four

Final B: 7th USA, 8th FIN, 9th TCH, 10th SWE
Final: 1st FRG, 2nd GBR, 3rd ITA, 4th AUT, 5th DEN, 6th IRL

Men's Lightweight Eight

Final B: 7th DEN, 8th AUS, 9th JPN
Final: 1st ITA 6.30.04, 2nd FRG, 3rd USA, 4th FRA, 5th GBR, 6th CAN

Australian Team

Men's Eight—Fourth
Bow: Andrew Cooper (VIC)
2: Malcolm Batten (QLD)
3: Hamish McGlashan (VIC)
4: Michael McKay (VIC)
5: Mark Doyle (VIC)
6: James Tomkins (VIC)
7: Sam Patten (VIC)
Str: Steve Evans (NSW)
Cox: Dale Caterson (NSW)
Cch: Reinhold Batschi (AIS)

Men's Coxed Four—Eighth
Bow: James Galloway (ACT)
2 : Hamish McLachlan (SA)
3: Richard Finlayson (NSW)
Str: Richard Graham (QLD)
Cox: Nick Sellars (SA)
Cch: Paul McGann (VIC)

Men's Coxless Pair—eliminated
Bow: Richard Howden (VIC)
Str: Peter Tomanovits (VIC)

Men's Double Scull—eliminated in repechage
Bow: Richard Powell (QLD)
Str: Paul Reedy (VIC)
Cch: Robert Bleakley (QLD)

Men's Lightweight Eight—Eighth
Bow: Brian Digby (VIC)
2: Tom Sanchez (VIC)
3: Nick Hunter (ACT)
4: Andrew McCubbery (VIC)
5: Lynton Hudson (QLD)
6: Bruce Hick (ACT)
7: Derek Mollison (ACT)
Str: Merrick Howes (ACT)
Cox: Andrew Cox (NSW)
Res: Andrew Randell (ACT)
Cch: Rusty Robertson (NSW)

Men's Lightweight Single Scull—Fifth
Peter Antonie (VIC)
Cch: David Yates (VIC)

Women's Coxed Four—Seventh
Bow: Rachel Mclnnes (VIC)
2: Felicity McCall (VIC)
3: Deborah Bassett (VIC)
Str: Ursula Kay (TAS)
Cox: Kay Jorgensen-Fry (VIC)
Cch: Peter Shakespear (AIS)

Women's Lightweight Four—Fourth
Bow: Gayle Toogood (VIC)
2: Leeanne Whitehouse (VIC)
3: Virginia Lee (NSW)
Str: Marina Cade (VIC)
Cch: Barbara Gillett (VIC)
Res: Debbie Clingeleffer (NSW)

Manager: Steve Hinchy (QLD)
Doctor: Bill Webb (NSW)
Selectors: William Hay (Chairman SA), Don Croot (NSW), Simon Gillett (VIC), Reinhold Batschi (ACT)


Women's Single Scull

Final B: 7th URS, 8th NED, 9th KOR
Final: 1st BUL 8.59.26; 2nd GDR; 3rd ROM, 4th CAN, 5th DEN, 6th USA

Women's Double Scull

Final B: 7th BEL, 8th ITA, 9th NOR, 10th CAN
Final: 1st BUL 7.47.89; 2nd ROM. 3rd USA, 4th URS, 5th GDR, 6th SWE

Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final B: 7th TCH, 8th CHN, 9th USA, 10th SWE, 11th FRA
Final: 1st GDR 6.58.42; 2nd BUL; 3rd URS, 4th ROM, 5th HUN, NED scratched

Women's Coxless Pair

Final B: 7th GBR, 8th CAN, 9th BED, 10th POL, 11th CHN
Final: 1st ROM. 8.00.73; 2nd GDR; 3rd URS, 4th USA, 5th BUL, 6th FRG

Women's Coxed Four

Final B: 7th AUS, 8th KOR
Final: 1st ROM 7.30.12; 2nd GDR; 3rd BUL, 4th URS, 5th USA, 6th CAN

Women's Eight

Final B: 7th CAN, 8th POL, 9th GBR
Final: 1st ROM 6.55.61; 2nd USA; 3rd URS, 4th GDR, 5th FRG, 6th BUL

Women's Lightweight Single Scull

Final B: 7th FRG, 8th NOR, 9th SWE, 10th SUI, 11th DEN, 12th AUT
Final: 1st ROM 8.57.69; 2nd BEL, 3rd ITA, 4th USA, 5th NZL, 6th GBR

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

Final B: 7th FRG, 8th FRA
Final: 1st CAN 8.36.60; 2nd BEL, 3rd USA, 4th GBR, 5th NED, 6th DEN

Women's Lightweight Four

Final B: 7th IRL, 8th NED
Final: 1st USA 8.08.32; 2nd FRG; 3rd CHN, 4th AUS, 5th CAN, 6th GBR

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