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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

21. 1980s and Beyond - Page 4

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Under the supervision of Jim Ryan, a really functional trailer that could carry 10 boats was created - a real asset to the Club.

The following year we bought the stately Ford Fairlane as a towing vehicle.

Fred Hillman and club's new car

Fred Hillman and the Club's "New" Car

Remember the "Send Jason to Milan" Appeal in 1988 ? Jason Day had won the Australian Single Sculls Championship at Penrith and with younger brother Brad, won the Double Sculls title; and Bendigo people responded with $6.000 to permit Jason to compete at the World Junior Championships. He came home proudly with a Silver Medal.

Ian Dickenson, Maree, Sam and Elisa joined the Club and Ian's "Bendigo Rower" filled with 'factual' information hit the streets.

The fact that he was never sued showed Bendigo rowers can take a joke! Colin Tracey has kept up the high standard since Ian's departure to the Sunshine Coast.

Fred Hillman produced some rather handy rowers in this golden period: Vickie Nolen, Bronwyn Stirling, Leonie Davey and Michelle Monteith won many Novice and Senior C races and a novice crew of Sherry Smart, Caitlan Fraser, Deirdre Fraser and Lesley McKarney picked up wins at Dimdoola, Horsham and Nagambie.

Scott Perdon, Rosemary Ryan and Jacinta Nolen had given excellent service as coxswains and were now moving into the business-side of rowing.


Coxes (LR,Top-Bot) Mick Ryan, Jacinta Nolen, Rose Ryan, Scott Perdon, Matt Griffin, Brad Moore, Hayden Mertens

Brad Day, Troy Flower, Lindy Waight, Elaine Tamblyn, Keith Riley, Bill Barton and Anita McCulloch were all boosting Club crews. A talented School crew who hit their straps in 1988; Megan Anderson, Jane Robinson, Carrie Liddle and Donna Stratton; after a season , of second placings, won six races including combining with Jenny Miko, Leonie Davey, Jacinta Nolen and Vickie Nolen to win the inaugural Lord Mayors Cup for Schoolgirl Eights at the V.S.S.S.R.A. Regatta at Ballarat.

Schoolgirls Eight

Schoolgirls Eight

Cox: Scott Perdon, Stroke: Donna Stratton, Carrie Liddle, Vickie Nolen, Leonie Davey, Jane Robinson, Megan Anderson, Jenny Miko, Jacinta Nolen

A younger four of Rosemary Ryan, Margaret Hickey, Carolyn Nihill and Jacinta, Nolen won a string of Under 16 and School Fours races, under coach Keith Riley.

Brendan Watt, Michael Ryan, Danny Nihill, Ian Berry, Damian Badman, Darren Poyser, Brad Day and Blair Hall won the Novice Eight at our 1988 Regatta.

Glen Tallnash, Mark Hinton, Tim Evans, Noel Delmo, Samantha Dickenson, Sharon Hall, Jodie Watson, Jacinta Ellerton, Rose Deininger, Heather Cotton, Kay Reed, Susie Wende, Allanah Baker, Belinda Roberts, Tara Emonson, Kelly Connors, Alison Symons and Mal Condie also competed successfully for the Club through the '88/89/90 seasons.

Successful coxswains of this period were Scott Perdon, Matt Griffin, Leigh Moore, Elisa Dickenson, Brad Moore and Hayden Mertens.

Chapter 21 page 1 2 3 4 5

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