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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

1. The Secretary's Comments

Denis O. Nihill

Denis O. Nihill Secretary/Treasurer 1976-92

This Commemorative booklet attempts to give some kind of a record of our origins and accomplishments over the last "One Hundred and Twenty Years".

It is not intended to be a comprehensive history of the Bendigo rowing Club but rather "Snapshots" of various periods. To those who played a significant role but go unrecognised we apologise. Unfortunately there are no records of large slices of our history and some parts have only sketchy records.

It would be our wish that one day someone will write a comprehensive history of the Club.

We are indebted to Colin Tracey, Alison Tudenham, Bob Carr, Bill Parkinson and Jeff Sellens for research, information, compilation and proofreading.

Our thanks also to the Media Services Department at the U.C.N.V. and all who have loaned old photographs and documents.

Denis Nihill

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