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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

11. 1926-41

John Godfrey, an active member of the Committee and founder of the Club, was taken ill in August 1926. Not long afterwards, in June 1927, Mr Godfrey died. A letter from his daughter was sent to the club concerning the boats belonging to her father and how the club could take them over.

On 23 August 1927, rule number one of the club reading, "The club is called the Sandhurst Rowing Club" was altered to read "This club is called the Bendigo Rowing Club".

The Club Pennant was changed from "Sandhurst Rowing Club" to "Bendigo Rowing Club" on 1st February 1928. To this day the rowing club in Bendigo is known as the Bendigo Rowing Club.

1932 Senior Four

1932 Senior Four

The last meeting that would be held for quite a number of years was conducted on 11th November 1941. At this meeting held in the boat sheds, nothing more than general business was discussed.

In 1932 the Bendigo rowers cycled to Sydney to race in their Championship.

cycling tour to Sydney

team of 1932

Above are the pages from a reunion in 1982, some 50 years after the cycle to Sydney.

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