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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

17. 1969 Onwards

The club went through a lean period in the sixties but interest was revived when Harrold Griffiths chaired a meeting with ex-Olympic Bronze medallist Neville Howell providing the inspiration. The club re-emerged under the guidance of Doug Kirkpatrick, F.Musk, H.Stemmer, John Barton, Joe Mero, Bob Carr, Ken Lindrea, Helmut Schmidt, Wal Painter, Robert Collier and a little coxswain named John McKenna. Lack of suitable boats, weed on the lake and the poor condition of the clubhouse were their main concerns. Delegations were arranged to approach Council to solve these last two problems.

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An upbeat start to the 1970-71 season was reported in the press

In 1970 Bob Carr was made a Life Member, Umberto Vodarich built a new boat trailer and two crews won School fours and Novice fours. During the early seventies the Club competed regularly at Country and city Regattas, finishing 4th. in the 1971 Country Championships. Familiar names around the Club were Neil McLoed, Bill Lodwick, B. Flower, G. Proud, Brendan Waters, Ian Reade, Max Kelly, Chris Meurer, David Johns, Peter Presser, Peter Armstrong, Ricky Jewell and L. Turner. In 1972 the Junior 8, coached by Neville Howell, won at five regattas.

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An extract from the "Weekly Times" 1st September 1971

John Barton and Helmut Schmidt won a Junior pair at Ballarat. Three boats that gave the Club great service were purchased: the racing pair - "Bob Carr", four -"Tom Rodda" and the eight - "Bill Parkinson".

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