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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

10. Social Life at the Club

Lake Weeroona dried up in the 1924-1925 season, but rowing continued on in the usual manner without too much concern. However, the 1925-1926 season was even worse and the shortage of water seriously interfered with the Club's activities.

It was during these periods of poor rowing that the Sandhurst Rowing Club Football Team was set up. It was decided that the football team would be self supporting and contribute to club funds.

Even when rowing on the lake was impossible, the members of the club still 'got together' and a 'social club' atmosphere evolved.

A fully equipped gymnasium was added to the boat sheds, complete with boxing bag. Table tennis was also a part of the club and both boxers and table tennis players competed outside the club (with some success).

1938 Crew members

"Crew members- 1938"

G.Heazelwood, K.Secombe, W.Peat (just visible),H.Griffiths, W.Parkinson, (far side on bonnet),G.Unmack(back seat),G. (Sugar) Lee (Driver),F.Thompson and cox J.Dole.

The "Social" atmosphere of the Club! is evident in the various stories still told around the Club. Many appear to be centred around this much "Loved vehicle" seen driving on the dried up Lake Weeroona

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