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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

9. Progress

The progression of what was a club with a small wooden boat shed, to what we know today, is quite remarkable when you consider the fact that rowing is an amateur sport. This means that all expenses must be covered by the Club itself and its members. A competitive club such as Bendigo has added expenses such as transportation of boats and crews to various regattas, entrance fees and so forth.

1921 Champion Four

1921 Champion Four

Bow: Bill Excell, 2: Stan McGorm, 3: Harold Collins, Str: Dale Louden, Cox: Harold Burge

In 1925, The Sandhurst Rowing Club (both Bendigo and Sandhurst Clubs operating under this name as one unit) had a fleet of boats valued at $500. The fleet was housed in a shed valued at $1,300.

sheds and rowing on Lake Weeroona

Early picture of the sheds and rowing on Lake Weeroona

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