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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

12. Cambridge

Whenever the word 'past' is said in conjunction with 'Bendigo Rowing Club', one name always springs to mind. A.H. Cambridge!

Arthur Cambridge was a sculler with the Sandhurst Rowing Club (later to be Bendigo Rowing Club) and one of the best to pass through the Club.
Apart from his long list of achievements, his somewhat controversial activities adds a touch of mischief to the Club's history.

Arthur Cambridge

Arthur Cambridge

Cambridge had been a member of the club for some time (and had won the Victorian and Australian Championships in 1925) when he was elected Captain of the Club. At that same meeting Charlie Seymour was elected coach.

A section of the sculling boat made by G. Towns, purchased in year 1927, used by Mr Cambridge, forms part of a display in the Club rooms . Some of the successes of Mr Arthur Cambridge are listed below:-

Senior Scull (Ballarat) 1926, 1928
Yarra Challenge and Silver Sculls 1926, 1927
Maiden Sculls (Upper Yarra) 1922 Junior Sculls (Albert Park) 1922 Senior Sculls (Upper Yarra) 1924 Senior Sculls (VRA) 1924
Australian Sculling Championship (Melbourne) 1925
Victorian Sculling Championship 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929
Interstate Test Race 1927

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