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History of Bendigo Rowing Club

14. New Beginnings

On 20th June 1946, the members of the Bendigo Rowing Club Committee attended a special meeting held to discuss future activities of the club. It was decided that the Bendigo Rowing Club should again commence operations.

Within a few months of the meeting the club was running smoothly. The Eaglehawk Rowing Club had also received interest in their Club and was progressing well.

The Eaglehawk Ladies Rowing Club could then compete with the Bendigo Rowing Club on equal terms, for just before disbanding in 1941, the Bendigo Rowing Club bought the St Paul's Ladies Rowing Club sheds.

Even though there was always a Ladies Committee, many men looked unfavourably on women racers. However, by the year 1947 their views had somewhat changed and women's rowing came back stronger than ever.

club members

Early picture of club members of an unknown date

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