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History of World Rowing Under 23 Championships

2023 World Under 23 Championships— Plovdiv, Bulgaria

These Championships were conducted at Plovdiv in Bulgaria finishing on the week ended 23rd July 2023.

The initial team was selected in Australia in March 2023 and the US College based crews were selected in June. There are a good number of rowers who are returning for a second year which is good for the team.

Following the March selections, Rowing Australia Deputy Performance Director Jaime Fernandez OLY said the selection trials were the culmination of a finely tuned pathway system that began at grassroots level. “We see the talent on show at the trials but are aways thankful of our key partners in supporting this regatta and helping us build a strong team. That includes clubs, parents, friends, member associations and our state institutes and academies,” Fernandez said. 

US based selections:  A camp was conducted in the lead-up to the Selection Trials at Princeton University which has been our historical base for this program. The support provided by the Princeton rowing program, and the broader University community, is second to none and critical to the conduct of the program. Deputy Performance Director and Pathways lead at Rowing Australia, Jaime Fernandez, said “We have a great group of talented young athletes based in the US College system and it’s been a pleasure to get to know them as we’ve worked to select these crews. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of our Under 23 team at the upcoming World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv.”

The results for Australia were excellent with all crews making the A finals and finishing with a Gold, a Silver and three Bronze medals across the regatta, good enough for equal third on World Rowing’s official medal tally. This bodes well for future years. 

“It was another fantastic day for our team, with a further three medals won. For those that did miss the medals, it was again by the smallest of margins,” said Rowing Australia Deputy Performance Director Jaime Fernandez OLY. “To think we were able to boat eight crews in eight A finals, resulting in five medals and three fourth places, is quite extraordinary.

Daily Result Sheets

Day 1 - Wednesday 19th July 2023

Day 2 - Thursday 20th July 2023

Day 3 - Friday 21st July 2023

Day 4 - Saturday 22nd July 2023

Day 5 - Sunday 23rd July 2023

Australian Team

Women's Four - Bronze

Bow: Phoebe Robinson (QLD)
2: Rebecca Pretorius (WA)
3: Sara de Uray (VIC)
Stroke: Sarah Marriott (VIC)
Coach: Alistair Matthews (VIC)

Women’s Under 23 Coxed Four - Gold

Bow: Katherine Easton (University of Michigan/VIC)
2: Sophie Houston (Yale University/NSW)
3: Zara Collisson (University of Michigan/NSW)
Stroke: Emily Sheppard (NSW)
Coxswain: Nicholas Dunlop (University of Washington/NSW)
Coach: Annabelle Eaton (VIC)

Women's Lightweight Scull - Fourth

Grace Sypher (NSW)
Coach: Lachlan Carter (NSW)

Men's Quad Scull - Bronze

Bow: Nicholas Blackman (SA)
2: Harrison Fox (VIC)
3: Johnson Daubney (WA)
Str: Alexander Rossi (WA)
Coach: Jamie Hewlett (WA)

Men's Pair - Bronze

Bow: Jarrod Lord (QLD)
Stroke: Mitch Salisbury (QLD)
Coach: Scott Rowe (QLD)

Men's Four - Silver

Bow: Nicholas Smith (VIC)
2: Austin Reinehr (VIC)
3: Fraser Miscamble (VIC)
Stroke; Nikolas Pender (NSW)
Coach: Noel Donaldson (VIC)

Men's Coxed Four - Fourth

Bow: Riley Rees-Turner (WA)
2: Torben Ungemach (NSW)
3: Dylan Rhodes (QLD)
Str: Alex Wood (NSW)
Cox: Hannah Cowap (NSW)
Coach: Matthias Ungemach (NSW)

Men’s Under 23 Eight - Fourth

Bow: James Isles (Dartmouth/VIC)
2: Jamie Arnold (University of California, Berkeley/VIC)
3: Harry Manton (University of California, Berkeley/VIC)
4: Alexander Baroni (University of California, Berkeley/WA)
5: Lachlan Doust (Syracuse University/NSW)
6: Marcus Emmett (Yale University/VIC)
7: Alexander McClean (Yale University/NSW)
Str: Patrick Long (Princeton University/QLD)
Coxswain: Harry Keenan (Yale University/NSW)
Coach: John Bowes (RA)

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