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history of australian rowing at olympic games

1986 Commonwealth Games— Edinburgh Scotland

The Commonwealth Games web-site reports:

"After nearly two decades successfully averting political stay-aways and protests because of apartheid and sanction-busting sports tours to South Africa, the XIII Games, the second to be staged at Edinburgh, was to become known as 'the Boycott Games'. Sadly, despite there being so many fond memories of the Scottish hospitality offered in 1970, 32 Commonwealth nations decided that they could not attend, because of their opposition to apartheid in sports."


"Twenty-six nations did attend the second Edinburgh Games and sent a total of 1,662 athletes and 461 officials."


"Ten sports were featured at the second Edinburgh Games: athletics, aquatics, badminton, boxing, cycling, lawn bowls, rowing, shooting, weightlifting and wrestling."


Men's Single Scull
1st Steven Redgrave (England) 7:28.9, 2nd Richard Powell (Australia) 7:32.64, 3rd Eric Verdonk New Zealand 7:39.11, 4th Scotland 7:45.67, 5th Canada 7:49.04, 6th Wales 7:50.42

Men's Lightweight Single Scull
1st Peter Antonie (Australia) 7:16.43, 2nd Canada 7:26.65, 3rd England 7:27.34, 4th Wales 7:35.95, 5th Northern Ireland 7:36.84, 6th New Zealand (Dale F Maher) 7:44.14.

Men's Double Scull
1st Canada (B Ford and P Walter) 6:19.43, 2nd Australia 6:21.17, 3rd England 6:23.53, 4th New Zealand 6:28.95(Bow: Dale Maher, Str: Eric Verdonk), 5th Northern Ireland 6:33.85, 6th Wales 6:35.77.

Men's Coxless Pair
1st England (Andrew Holmes and Steven Redgrave) 6:40.48, 2nd New Zealand (Bow: Barrie Mabbott, Str: Ian Wright) 6:42.63, 3rd Scotland 6:43.06, 4th Canada 6:46.41, 5th Australia 6:52.34, 6th Wales 7:00.32.

Men's Coxless Four
1st Canada 6:00.56, 2nd New Zealand (Bow: Andrew Stevenson, 2: Shane O'Brien, 3: Neil S Gibson, Str: Don A Symon) 6:00.85, 3rd England 6:05.99, 4th Australia 6:09.48, 5th Scotland 6:21.26, 6th Northern Ireland 6:32.42.

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four
1st England 6:25.86, 2nd Australia 6.27.71, 3rd Canada 6:35.66, 4th New Zealand (Bow: S Koler, 2: M J H Westenra, 3: J G Hay, Str: M Eade, Cch: D G Burrowes) 6:37.14, 5th Wales 6:43.83, 6th Scotland 6:52.48.

Men's Coxed Four
1st England 6:08.13, 2nd New Zealand 6:09.89 (Bow: Nigel Atherford, 2: Chris White, 3: Greg Johnston, Str: Bruce Holden, Cox: Andrew Bird), 3rd Australia 6:10.57, 4th Canada 6:14.66, 5th Scotland 6:38.15, 6th Wales 6:41.07.

Men's Eight
1st Australia 5:44.42, 2nd England 5:46.35, 3rd New Zealand (Bow: Andrew Stevenson, 2: Shane O'Brien, 3: Neil S Gibson, 6: Don A Symon, 7: Barrie Mabbott, Str: Ian Wright) 5:47.97, 4th Canada 5:47.99, 5th Scotland 5:54.50, 6th Wales 6:20.81.

Women's Single Scull
1st Stephanie Foster (New Zealand) 7:43.22, 2nd Canada 7:48.90, 3rd England 7:52.82, 4th Australia 7:56.49, 5th Wales 8:21.41.

Women's Lightweight Single Scull
1st Adair Ferguson (Australia) 7:45.49, 2nd Philippa Baker New Zealand 7:45.82, 3rd Canada 7:52.14, 4th Wales 7:11.70, 5th Scotland 7:18.31, 6th Northern Ireland 7;45.22.

Women's Double Scull
1st New Zealand (Stephanie Foster and Robyn Clark) 7:21.52, 2nd Canada 7:39.86, 3rd England 7:54.71, 4th Scotland 7:6.03.

Women's Coxless Pair
1st Canada (K Barr and A Schreiner) 7:34.51, 2nd England 7:42.23, 3rd Australia 7:53.09, 4th Scotland 8:10.47.

Women's Coxed Four
1st Canada 6:50.13, 2nd Australia 6:54.31, 3rd England 7:06.02, 4th Northern Ireland 7:24.72, 5th Wales 7:27.86, 6th Scotland 7:31.54.

Women's Lightweight Coxless Four
1st England 6:54.70, 2nd Australia 6:59.68, 3rd Canada 7:01.18, 4th Wales 7:11.70, 5th Scotland 7:18.31, 6th Northern Ireland 7:45.22.

Women's Eight
1st Australia 6:43.69, 2nd England 6:45.62, 3rd Canada 6:51.81

Women's Eight

Women's Eight—Gold Medallists

cox Kay Fry, Margot Foster, Debbie Bassett, Marilyn Kidd, Susan Chapman-Popa, Robyn Grey-Gardner, Annelies Voorthuis, Vicki Spooner, Ursula Kay (obscured)

Australian Team

Men's Single Scull - Silver
Richard Powell (QLD) 
Cch: Robert Marlow (ACT)

Men's Lightweight Single Scull — Gold
Peter Antonie (VIC) 
Cch: David Yates (VIC)

Men's Double Scull — Silver
Bow: Paul Reedy (VIC) 
Str: Brenton Terrell (SA) 
Cch: Robert Marlow (ACT)

Men's Coxless Pair — Fifth
Bow: Glenn Myler (TAS) 
Str: Ian Belot (VIC) 
Cch: Brian Richardson (VIC)

Men's Coxless Four — Fourth
Bow: Craig Muller (ACT) 
2: David Doyle (VIC) 
3: Neil Myers (VIC)
Str: Jim Battersby (NSW) 
Cch: Brian Richardson (VIC)

Men's Lightweight Four — Silver
Bow: Joe Joyce (VIC) 
2: Simon Cook (VIC) 
3: Merrick Howes (ACT)
Str: Brian Digby (VIC) 
Cch: Geoff Hunter (VIC) 
Reserve: Nick Hunter (ACT)

Men's Coxed Four — Bronze
Bow: James Galloway (NSW) 
2: Andrew Cooper (VIC) 
3: Michael McKay (VIC)
Str: James Tomkins (VIC) 
Cox: Dale Caterson (NSW) 
Cch: Reinhold Batschi (ACT)

Men's Eight — Gold
Bow: James Galloway (NSW) 
2: Malcolm Batten (NSW) 
3: Andrew Cooper (VIC)
4: Michael McKay (VIC) 
5: Mark Doyle (VIC) 
6: James Tomkins (VIC)
7: Ion Popa (VIC) 
Str: Steve Evans (NSW) 
Cox: Dale Caterson (NSW)
Cch: Reinhold Batschi (ACT) 
Reserve: Hamish McGlashan (VIC)

Women's Lightweight Single Scull — Gold
Adair Ferguson (QLD) 
Cch: Noel Langton (QLD)

Women's Lightweight Four — Silver
Bow: Amanda Cross (SA) 
2: Virginia Lee (NSW)
3: Debbie Clingeleffer (NSW)
Str: Gayle Toogood (VIC)
Cch: Brian Dalton (VIC)
Reserve: Karin Riedel (SA) 

Women's Coxless Pair — Bronze
Bow: Alison Smith (SA) 
Str: Kate Hall (VIC) 
Cch: Peter Shakespeare (ACT)

Women's Coxed Four — Silver
Bow: Marilyn Kidd (NSW) 
2: Susan Chapman-Popa (VIC) 
3: Robyn Grey-Gardner (SA)
Str: Debbie Bassett (VIC) 
Cox: Kay Fry (VIC) 
Cch: Peter Shakespeare (ACT)

Women's Eight — Gold
Bow: Ursula Kay (TAS) 
2: Vicki Spooner (NSW) 
3: Annelies Voorthuis (NSW)
4: Marilyn Kidd (NSW) 
5: Susan Chapman-Popa (VIC) 
6: Robyn Grey-Gardner (SA)
7: Debbie Bassett (VIC) 
Str: Margot Foster (VIC) 
Cox: Kay Fry (VIC)
Cch: Peter Shakespeare (ACT)

Manager: Stephen Hinchy (QLD)
Doctor: Bill Webb (NSW)

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