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history of australian rowing at olympic games

Photos of the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games

1958 Test Races at Ballarat Victoria
1958a testRaces VIC8
1958a testRaces
1958b rowingTeam bw
1958b rowingTeam color
1958d OnTheMove
1958e CoachesSpeedBoats
1958e M8 rowingCamp
1958e M8 trainingA
1958e M8 trainingB
1958e M8 trainingC
1958e M8 trainingD
1958g QueensBatonA
1958g QueensBatonB
1958h GamesVillageEntrance
1958i LakePadarn
1958j All the Rowers
1958l StuartMackenzie
1958m M1x StuartMackenzie
1958m M1xfinal
1958m M2Medals
1958m M2xMackenzieWood
1958m M4coxed outForRow
1958m M4coxed presentation
1958m M8 bigDay
1958m M8 final
1958m M8 finishLine
1958m M8 TheFinish
1958m M8Medals
1958x1 TrackEvent
1958x2 HerbElliott
1958z ClosingCeremonyA
1958z ClosingCeremonyB
1958z HRH Closing rowing
1958z HRH ClosingCeremonyA
1958z HRH ClosingCeremonyB

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