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Adelaide Rowing Club - The First Hundred Years

A Narrative History 1882-1982 - Compiled by R W Richardson

Appendix 4 . Interstate Representatives

Members who represented S.A. in Interstate or Intercolonial Crews
Year Crew Representatives
1887 Men's 8 H. Upton, G.W. Steel, E.C.Clucas, R.J.S. Adams (Intercolonial Race, Port Adelaide)
1890 Men's 8 F.N. Burchell, E.C. Clucas, R.H. Allen, F.H. Poole, A. Fraser, cox (Intercolonial Railways Boatrace, Port Adelaide)
1903 Men's 8 A.R.C. 8: H.H. Mildred, F.W. Porter, R.F. Richardson, R.A. Anderson, M.A. Fotheringham, D. Blyth, J.H. Gosse, A.J. Grayson, str., V. Smith, cox, A. Nicholls, coach, Interstate Boatrace, Melbourne (came 3rd)
1904 Men's 8 R.C. Baker, M.A. Fotheringham, H.M. Muirhead, F.W. Porter, J.H. Gosse, A.J. Grayson, str. W.H.G. Blain, coach
1905 Men's 8 H.H. Dutton, F.W. Porter, J.H. Gosse, A.J. Grayson, K.W. Sharp, cox, J.J. Sharp, Manager, W.H.G. Blain, coach; Parramatta R.
1907 Men's 8 R. F. Richardson, H.P. Winterbottom, F. Angus; Port
1909 Men's 8 S.S. Ringwood, V.A. Clutterbuck, E.M. Luxmoore
1911 Men's 8 C.A. Hamilton, E.M. Luxmoore
1927 Men's 8 Manager, J.P. Marcus
1929 Men's 8 Manager, J.P. Marcus
1930 Men's 8 D.N. Linnett, B.F. Hopkins, J.T. Sheppard, plus spareman K. Forwood, who acted as Manager.
1935 Men's 8 H.C. Morphett, W.W. Alexander, J.C. Williams, plus E.T. Major, spareman
1937 Men's 8 J.C. Williams plus G.M. Sheppard, spareman (S.A. won King's Cup)
1938 Men's 8 K.B. Roennfeldt, R.K. Dunn
1939 Men's 8 J.C. Williams, R.K. Dunn, K.B. Roennfeldt, A.K. Buttrose (spareman), R.H. Turner (cox)
1948 Men's 8 R.H. Wallman
1949 Men's 8 R.H. Wallman, C.A.L. Abbott
1954 Men's 8 P.T. Crowe, M.P. Tiddy, W.M. Harvey, I.A. Jamieson
1955 Men's 8 I. A. Jamieson, D.K. Wiles, J. Tassie, W.D. Fotheringham, B.C. Laughton (cox)
1956 Men's 8 1956 LA. Jamieson, A. St.J. Allen, D.K. Wiles, A.S. Matthews in 8, P. Machin, sculler, J.G. Gosse, coach of 8, and J.S. Lord, sole selector
1957 Men's 8 I.A. Jamieson, D.K. Wiles, D.A.S. Wurm, W. Hardy, cox, A.
St.J. Allen, spareman, W. Pennington, coach - Manager of Eight
1958 Men's 8 D.S. Humble, I.A. Jamieson, plus two sparemen, R.J. Luke, D.K. Wiles, and H.G. Pennington, coach-Manager of 8.
1960 Men's 8 T.P. McCormick, G.D. Burfield in the 8
1961 Men's 8 D.B. Bishop, J.F.H. Brook, G.D. Burfield in the 8
1962 Men's 8 D.B. Bishop, J.H. Jarvis and T.P. McCormick, spareman and J. Hill, coach of 8 plus B.R. Pontifex in Lightweight 4, coxed by P. Worley
1963 Men's 8 D.B. Bishop in 8
1964 Men's 8 D.B. Bishop in 8 and P. Osborne, D. Hislop, L. Cox and R.F. Ingham, spareman in Lightweight 4 and R. MacLean the coach
1965 Men's 8 Roger Moore coached the Lightweight 4
1967 Men's 8 D.B. Bishop and D.A. Pritchard spareman in 8 and W.N. Wallace, coach, J.C.S. Ellis, assistant coach
1968 Men's 8 J. Ferry in 8 and T.R. Binder in Lightweight 4
1971 Men's 8 W.E. Hay, M.J. Lohmeyer in 8 and T. Marshall, spareman
1973 Men's 8 A. Macdonald in 8 and W. Whiting, spareman for the Lightweight 4
1974 Men's 8 H. Duncan, A. Macdonald, M. Hebblewhite, M. Lohmeyer, M. Marquis, G. Duncan and cox A. Goldsworthy all in 8
1975 Men's 8 A. Macdonald, M. Hebblewhite, H Duncan, G Duncan in 8, M Marquis, reserve, and N. Winter, A. Ranson, C. Ansell in State Junior 8 and A. Macdonald, M. Hebblewhite, G. Duncan in State Coxed 4, and R. Widger and cox A. Goldsworthy in Lightweight 4. S.A. won Aus. National Heavyweight 4 with Cox title.
1976 Men's 8 H. Duncan, G. Duncan in 8 and M. Marquis, reserve and T. Roden, A. Blue in State Youth crew
1977 Men's 8 H. Duncan, M. Marquis, N. Winter in 8 and J. Richards reserve, and A. Blue in State Youth crew and coach, J. Hume
1978 Men's 8 H. Duncan, G. Duncan, B. Keynes, M. Hebblewhite in 8, plus C. Macdonald, A. Blue in State Youth 8, plus A. Blue, B. Keynes in State Colts crew
1979 Men's 8 H. Duncan, N. Winter, B. Keynes, G. Duncan in 8
1980 Men's 8 H. Duncan, B. Keynes, N. Winter and coach, W. Hay in 8. H. Duncan and B. Keynes reserve for Australian Olympic 8 in Moscow
1981 Men's 8 H. Duncan, B. Keynes, R. Lang, C. Macdonald, N. Winter in State
8 and G. Keynes, reserve, and H. McLean in Youth 8 coached by P. Jeffries. S.A. won Kings Cup

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