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Adelaide Rowing Club - The First Hundred Years

A Narrative History 1882-1982 - Compiled by R W Richardson

28. Pity the Poor Hon. Secretary!

Some of the duties required in each season of the Secretary of a rowing club: -

  • Write to members whose subs are due, and again if overdue;
  • Write to new members advising their election;
  • Write to Patron, President, Vice-Presidents etc. each season advising their election;
  • Write up the Minutes of all committee and general meetings;
  • Write Annual Report for A.G.M., making sure all facts are correct;
  • Write to parents, brothers, sons etc. letters of condolence on deaths;
  • Write to kindred clubs answers to invitations, or issue same to them;
  • Write to kindred club secretaries requesting regatta entries, return of cups etc.;
  • Write to all members informing them of meetings, concerts, dances etc.;
  • Write to insurance companies to renew policies on boats, premises etc.;
  • Write to Police reporting damage, thefts etc.;
  • Write begging letters to all and sundry to raise funds for boats etc.;
  • Write to influential persons inviting them to Opening Day, dinners, Christmas etc.;
  • Write to ladies to help with suppers, afternoon teas etc.;
  • Write to boatbuilders requesting quotes, sending specifications etc.;
  • Write answers to queries from kindred clubs, Fire Brigade, City Council etc.;
  • Write reports of regattas, other functions, disorderly conduct etc.;
  • Prepare lists of members, keep lists up to date, e.g., winning crews and details;
  • Arrange keys or access to tradesmen, suppliers of liquor, sponsored rowers;
  • Arrange repairs to boats, trailers, fixtures and fittings;
  • Clear the post box regularly and buy stamps, post letters;
  • Arrange for printing of rules, fixture cards, annual report etc. ETC.

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