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Adelaide Rowing Club - The First Hundred Years

A Narrative History 1882-1982 - Compiled by R W Richardson

Appendix 3. Club Officers

Captains and Vice-Captains
Year Captain Vice Captain
May 1882 P J Carter P Morice
Dec 1882 R M Wigg J T Arrow
Jan 1884 F H Poole W Forrester
Jun 1884 FC Mitchell W Forrester
Sep 1884 F H Poole W Forrester
Dec 1884 H Upton W Forrester
1885-86 H Upton
J Milne (from Apr)
E C Clucas
1886-87 J Milne E C Clucas
1887-88 J Milne E C Clucas
F H Poole (from Feb)
1888-94 J Milne F H Poole
1894-95 J Milne A J Grayson
1895-98 J Milne W H G Blain
1898-99 Rev H Girdlestone W H G Blain
1899-00 W L Burton A J Grayson
1900-01 W H G Blain A J Grayson
1901-05 W H G Blain J H Gosse
1905-06 W H G Blain G McEwin
1906-07 W H G Blain R F Richardson
1907-09 G McEwin R F Richardson
1909-11 A J Grayson R F Richardson
1911-12 A J Grayson R F Jacobs
1912-14 R F Jacobs C R Butterworth
1914-15 R H Gibson H R Muirhead and G C McNeilage
1915-17 H R Muirhead R F Jacobs
1917-18 R F Jacobs A J Huntington
1918-19 R F Jacobs G C McNeilage
1919-20 H M Muirhead A J Hannon
1920-21 A B Harvey S S Ringwood
1921-22 S S Ringwood J M Norton
1922-24 J M Norton H V Menz
1924-26 H V Menz L T Grummet
1926-27 L T Grummet J S Lord and C S Coogan
1927-28 H V Menz S T Facy
1928-29 D N Linnett S T Facy
1929-30 D N Linnett B F Hopkins
1930-32 J T Sheppard W D James
1932-34 W D James K Forwood
1934-35 K Forwood R D Clark
1935-36 D L Chapman J G Giles
1936-37 D L Chapman F J Nicholls
1937-38 J C Williams F J Nicholls
1938-39 J C Williams R K Dunn
1939-40 J C Williams A K Buttrose
1940-41 R D Clark W W Alexander
1941-43 R D Clark T B Hamilton
1943-44 R D Clark J T E Barclay
1944-45 R D Clark J M M Nicholls
1945-46 R D Clark R E Alexander
1946-47 R H Turner R W Richardson
1947-48 R W Richardson J H Muirhead
1948-49 W J Menz R H Wallman
1949-51 D C Arnold R H Wallman
1951-52 D C Arnold R S Bluntish
1952-54 B P Bishop R S Bluntish
1954-55 I A Jamieson W McF Harvey
1955-56 I A Jamieson D A S Wurm
1956-57 D A S Wurm M S Forgan
1957-58 J R Harvey D K Wiles
1958-60 J R Harvey D Sarah
1960-61 C E Runge J B Osbourne
1961-62 C E Runge B M Sawley
1962-63 R V Osman J Hill
1963-64 R V Osman T P McCormick
1964-65 R V Osman R F Ingram
1965-66 R F Ingram B R Pontifex
1966-67 J H Jarvis T R Binder
1967-68 D Hislop T R Binder
1968-70 T R Binder T A Bennett
1970-71 R E Hudson R E Cherry
1971-72 H C D'Arcy G I Kernot
1972-74 W E Hay G I Kernot
1974-75 M Lohmeyer A Macdonald
1975-76 M Lohmeyer M Kernot
1976-77 S Crouch M Marquis
1977-78 M Lohmeyer C Farren
1978-79 G Duncan P Jeffries
1979-80 N Winter H Duncan
1980-81 N Winter C Macdonald
1981-82 B Keynes C Macdonald
Secretaries and Treasurers
Year Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
May 1882 R M Wigg   M Duncan  
Dec 1882 M Duncan   E Cowle  
Jan 1884 F D Phillips   A F Noyes  
Jun 1884 F H Poole   A F Noyes  
Sep 1884 A A Sims   A F Noyes  
1885-86 I W Lockwood A A Sims F C Mitchell  
1886-87 W G Roberts A A Sims F W Strother  
1887-88 W G Roberts A A Sims F W Strother J Cairns
Feb 1888 J C Cairns   W J Longson  
1888-89 J C Cairns   W G Roberts  
1889-90 A Wilson J J Sharp A J Grayson  
1890-93 W Forrester   J Q Bruce  
1893-94 H M Orr J Q Bruce J Q Bruce  
1894-95 J Q Bruce H M Orr Sandford Ross  
1895-96 H M Orr   Sandford Ross  
1896-97 W Forrester   Sandford Ross  
1897-00 W G Auld   Sandford Ross  
1900-01 F W R Braddock   B P Malcolm  
1901-02 W Forrester D Blyth B P Malcolm  
1902-03 D Blyth   H W Pownall  
1903-04 T Boothby   H W Pownall  
1904-05 R A Anderson   H W Pownall  
1905-06 R Ingram H Armstrong H W Pownall  
1906-07 H Armstrong A B Harvey H W Pownall  
1907-09 H Armstrong J M Napier H W Pownall  
1909-10 A B Harvey J M Napier R F Jacobs  
1910-11 A B Harvey J M Napier W C H Doswell  
1911-12 F W Fisher E M Luxmoore W C H Doswell  
1912-13 F W Fisher and R H Gibson H M Muirhead B Cook  
1913-14 R H Gibson G H Taylor B Cook  
1914-16 R L McCullough G H Taylor A S Ferguson  
1916-17 R L McCullough   R F Jacobs  
1917-18 R L McCullough   A J Hannan  
1918-19 R L McCullough   Sandford Ross  
1919-21 W H Christophers   G L Ekins  
1921-23 W H Christophers   K H Boykett  
1923-24 L T Grummet   K H Boykett  
1924-25 J M Jay   K H Boykett  
1925-26 J M Jay   J E Dermott  
1926-27 A Trickett   J E Dermott  
1927-28 W A Wadey   J M Jay  
1928-29 G Harry J T Sheppard R Shuttleworth  
1929-30 K Forwood J T Sheppard R Shuttleworth W D James
1930-31 K Forwood R D Clark J E Vardon  
1931-33 D L Chapman R D Clark J E Vardon  
1933-34 D L Chapman J Williams R D Clark  
1934-35 D L Chapman J C Williams J G Giles  
1935-36 P M Cudmore J C Walter K Forwood  
1936-37 J C Williams J C Walter D C Howie  
1937-38 A K Buttrose J C Walter E T Major A M D James
1938-39 A K Buttrose D L Chapman A M D James  
1939-40 D O Nightingale N R Stokes A M D James  
1940-41 J S Hardy C A D Walker A M D James J P Motteram
1941-42 J S Hardy C A D Walker J P Motteram  
1942-46 J S Hardy W J Menz J P Motteram  
1946-47 D O Nightingale W J Menz D Aldritt  
1947-48 I Cochrane L Heitman I Moncrieff  
1948-50 R Bluntish J C Williams R Kaibel  
1950-51 R Bluntish K F Stanton R Kaibel  
1951-52 R F H Jarvis K F Stanton B P Bishop  
1952-54 I A Jamieson R F H Jarvis M S Forgan  
1954-55 J R Harvey P A Gillespie    
1955-56 J R Harvey K G Stirling R F H Jarvis  
1956-57 J R Harvey R J Leaver K G Stirling  
1957-59 R J Leaver J F H Brook B F Dalton  
1959-60 K G Stirling T P McCormick D J Harvey  
1960-61 P E Kruse B Sawley J R Harvey  
1961-62 R J Lawson R F Ingham J H Jackson  
1962-63 R F Ingham B Pontifex G W Samson  
1963-64 R F Ingham R E Longman G W Samson  
1964-65 G D Hill R A Green G W Samson  
1965-66 G D Hill R A Green D C Allert  
1966-68 E A Suttell G D Hill and B M Sawley N Sarah  
1968-69 A P Wadlow and R E Hudson C R C James and R H Nicholls M J B Evans  
1969-70 R H Nicholls R F Ingham R E Hudson  
1970-71 T R Binder M J B Evans J C Brewster-Jones  
1971-72 S Owen G Menzel and T Hudson K Buys  
1972-73 H C D'Arcy R E Hudson K Buys  
1973-74 E A Suttell J Jarvis R E Hudson  
1974-76 G Hebblewhite J Duncan R Turnbull  
1976-77 G Hebblewhite D Sarah R Turnbull  
1977-78 J Mangelsdorf G Hebblewhite S Lewis R E Hudson
1978-79 A Burnett G Jeffries I Sanders  
1979-80 A Burnett J Alpin I Sanders A Jeffrey
1980-81 J Alpin T Roden A Jeffrey  
1981-82 J Clutterbuck P Emery A Jeffrey  

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