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history of corowa rowing club

History of Corowa Rowing Club: 1863-2013

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Chapter 4: 1990-99

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1995 saw a dip in attendance at meetings with only 2 committee members showing up in both January and February.

The mens novice 8 won again at the Essendon Regatta in 1995.

Winter 1995 saw work being completed in the river to stabilise river bank. In 1995 the ladies committee donated $1000 towards the purchase of the J Garde from Lothar Hall.

During this year the club members continued to tree prune which was the club’s biggest fundraiser.


Wes Canny made his first appearance at a club meeting in 1996 to discuss the future of rowing in this district with a view to the future.....Wes is still a prominent member of our club 17 years later.

The ladies committee in 1996 was still going strong with their first purchase of the year being crockery and an urn. It was during this year that the possibility of hooking the club up to town sewerage was being investigated. This was done on the 6th February 1999.

In 1995 we purchased the “Black Dog” racing four from Essendon Rowing Club and later converted it to a racing quad scull.

It was during this year that the old Bowling Club was being turned into a sports club in which we nominated our president to represent us. All participating clubs paid $10 membership and at the first meeting Ivan Ross made the statement that in 2 years all clubs will be richer!!! This club was sold to the RSL on the 3rd Feb 2002 – no riches were made . Chris Pensini was our clubs long term representive on the board of this new club.


In October 1996 the boat shed was flooded for 14 days, so training was moved to Lake Moodemere, at that stage of the season we had 9 females and 4 males training – all beginners. There was also ergo training at the captain’s house whilst in flood.

Kelvin Howard looked into the possibility of being selected for a training venue for the upcoming Sydney Olympics 2000. A copy of the response from the Olympics Minister is in the photo gallery.

Another coach’s boat was purchased from Leigh Martin Marine for $400.

In December 1996 the captain mentioned that he was having trouble with kids not wanting to row due to a wild duck problem.

During the past few seasons it should be noted that Terry Brain built the trailers for the coach’s boats as well as scull racks.

During 1996 the tree pruning business was still going very well and along with the meat raffles they were the biggest fundraising activities the club held.


In 1998 the club participated at the first ever regatta held on the cause way course in Albury. We also had two crews go to State Championships that were held at Nagambie.

The club travelled to 11 different regattas with 25 wins for the season.

A special mention was made in July 1997 to thank Wes Canny for the donation of gym equipment to enable him to open the sheds on Monday and Wednesdays for exercise programs and the use of ergos.


It was in 1999 that we organised the sectioning of the red eight to ensure legal transportation, this was completed in July 2001 at a cost of $5133. We also started to convert the existing oars into cleaver blades at a cost of $165 per oar.

It was also moved that the MRA regatta which was held on the river in 1999 due to blue green algae to stay on the river until the facilities at Lake Moodemere be upgraded including sewerage, luncheon stand, bar stand, electricity, drinking water and green grass being provided. This was carried unanimously.......not sure what happened but as of 2013 there is still none of the above at Lake Moodemere but the regatta is a huge success!!!

The stand out rowers in 1999 was Karla Robinson and the men’s U16 Four. Captain Wes mentioned that everyone could learn from Karla with her no nonsense approach to the sport. Again during the winter the club struggled with numbers attending meetings with both the September and October meeting not reaching quorum.

Chapter 4 page 1 2 3

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