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Chapter 5: 2000-2013

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In 2000 the biggest donation was received by the RSL club of $1000. The club started to look around for a 2nd ergo to buy. This year seen the Yarrawonga members (6) join our club due to unworkable arrangements with the boats and gear at their own club. They were charged only half membership. This year also saw the club venture into yet another type of fundraising – catering at parties, the first one they did they made a profit of $500 – this was put down to the hard work of Tammy Salmon and Terry Brain. The introduction of GST in July 2000 was addressed by the committee in May 2000 by obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN). More work was done on the boat landing over this winter.


The bike raffle for 2000/2001 year was still going strong with a profit this year being $1295.00.

At the MRA regatta held in January 2001, Corowa had their best ever performance – we had 5 wins in divisions from Novice through to Open class. Some of the competitors here were: Adam Bowland, Marc Harrop, Brent Cocroran, Brett Skinner, Rick Good, Robert O’Halloran, Brendan Eyers, Matt Rogers, Jim Eyers, Mark Howard, Terry Eyers, Robert Eyers, Terry Brain and Aaron Robbins.

At the end of the season it was decided that Wes keep trying to source a second hand ergo and that Robert Eyers was to be put in charge of boat maintenance over the winter. The club suggested that the monies from the ladies committee be used for the ergo. The Concept II ergo was purchased from Jeff Sykes in May 2001 for a price of $2288.00. At the same meeting, Peter Gamble was able to offer the club 4 x fours and maybe a scull, these came from Scotch College.

April 2001 saw Chris Pensini & Daryl Martin receive Life Membership.

In 2001 Robert Goodall stepped in with a cheque of $500 to be able to be the major sponsor, this also came with a 50L keg of beer. There was lots of discussion re what to do with the keg, but can’t find any evidence as to what actually happened. There was more work completed on the landing in July 2001.
Since 2001 there has been a large amount of changes in the Corowa Rowing, this must be credited to a strong and steady committee especially the president Robert Eyers who is currently serving his 12th year after becoming president in 2001 and captain Wesley Canny who is serving his 9th year, the treasurer Stacey Whitechurch is also serving her 9th concurrent season.


In 2001, a life member of the club Peter Gamble restarted the school rowing program that is going from strength to strength in partnership with Corowa High School. This program is now run by Wes Canny with assistance from another life member Daryl Martin.

Garry Cook in 2001 donated the cost of 8 concept II scull gates to the club. 2001 had such an influx of new rowers that the “Guys and Dolls” had to be brought out of retirement. The Star Hotel Corowa donated $300 towards the pair of scull oars with the club putting in the balance of $173.00
Noted in the 2002 Wahgunyah Regatta write up is our winning crews – one in particular was Marc Harrop, Aaron Robbins cox Jayden Deas winning the Beginner pair (later to win State Championship, see below). Other new faces at the club competing include: Karissa Maclean, Shannon Groves, Brea & Thomas Williams, Kerrie Carlisle, Keresten Williams, Linda Groves & Jill McCrum.

The Rotary club in 2002 donated $470 towards a pair of scull oars. This year the bike/fishing tackle raffle made $1154 (going from strength to strength)
April 2002 saw the purchase of a cox box. Interesting how at the end of the April 2002 meeting the meeting actually closed at 9.15pm but the bar shut at 11.45pm whilst the attendees sat around discussing the boat shed extensions!!

Another way of raising funds was re-introduced in 2002 with advertising signage been sold. Whilst some of the smaller signs have changed over the years, Max Maclean has consistently been our major supporter. These signs had to be approved from the Shire which Robert Eyers organised.


2003 saw the introduction of a fundraising co-ordinator with the job going to Sally Casey, and this year also saw Wes Canny take on the job of Treasurer (look out exercise books), luckily he had assistance with putting it all on computer via MYOB accounting program (Stacey Whitechurch).
This year also had an influx of coaches/teachers put their hand up to help out including some new faces – Gus Good, Wes Canny, Terry Salmon, Mark Howard, Rick Good, Aaron Robbins, Charlie & Sam Haywood, Peter Gamble, John Gorman, Sally Casey and Linda Groves.
A new fundraising idea that launched this year was the 50 club – this is still an ongoing idea that is done every year.
2003 also saw the first major development in the new shed construction, with Daryl Martin & Wes Canny attending a Corowa Lions Club meeting to outline our proposal.
This year also saw more new faces join including – Nathan Collins, Mark Pfieffer, Caroline Deas, Peta Johnstone, Melinda Longford and Kate McGregor.
The Santa regatta in 2002 saw an all Eyers family affair consisting of Robert, Terry, Brendan, Jim and Zane (unfortunately they were not successful).
It was in January 2003 that the committee felt the need for a second fibreglass tub four, it was decided to keep an eye out to buy a second hand one.
This year saw the bike raffle raise $1466.66 and the 50 club raise $1716.00 in profit.

The first state championship since 1960 came in 2003 that was won by Marc Harrop and Aaron Robbins coxed by Jayden Deas, coached by Wes Canny. These two also were awarded with an outstanding achievement award at that year’s presentation night. We started to keep the bow numbers of all the winning crews but after 3 years realised this was not going to be sustained due to the sheer numbers of winning crews.

At the April 2003 meeting it was announced that the shed plan drawing is almost compete and with two copies to be sent to the Corowa Shire for approval. The cost of labour and materials was reported to be $71,300 – but the labour had to be removed from this price due to voluntary labour. Daryl & Robert attended the Lions July meeting and the Lions club announced they will commit $15,700 to help us attain a grant, with ½ to be repaid.
The old tyres that used to line the bank were removed from June 2003, with working bees being held to get this done


The 2003 AGM saw Wes Canny take up his still current position of Captain and Stacey Whitechurch take up her still current position of Treasurer. This year also saw the introduction of a trivia night for a fundraising idea, and it raised $1412.35 profit.

This year saw a move up from State Champion cox Jayden Deas into a scull – which he was quite successful.

A third ergo was decided to be a necessary purchase leading into winter as the club was going to be open over winter.

This year saw the introduction of an Easter Egg raffle to finish the year off with. Some new rowers this year that were successful at the annual Essendon/Footscray regatta were: Jamay Pfeiffer, Stephanie Whyte, Serena Wilson, Lucy Kelly, Karsha, Nadine & Cody Mills.

During this period the club was still looking for a 2nd hand tub four and new racing pair.

A third ergo was purchased in April 2004.

The big news arrived in June 2004 – the club received a NSW Sport & Rec Grant of $37,000 to go towards renovating/rebuilding of the club that is expected to cost $80,000. There has been a slide show prepared to show all the steps that happened during the rebuilding. It is important to note that the grant we received was to complete the 1st stage of renovations and the next 2 stages would be done at a later date. Due to the donation of all labour and great discounts on materials, all three stages were completed using the one grant!

This is the beginning of Robert Eyer’s grant writing skills, with the club receiving numerous grants over the next 10 years.

In September 2004, the club purchased a second hand 12ft punt and a motor will be purchased to go with it. The club decided against the position of a fund raising co-ordinator from this season, feeling that the committee as a whole should be involved.

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