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history of corowa rowing club

History of Corowa Rowing Club: 1863-2013

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Chapter 4: 1990-99

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It was in October 1992 that the committee decided that the crews needed an ergometer for crew development off water, especially to be used when river in flood. Until the club could buy one Sally & Andrew Withers donated the use of theirs and it was decided to charge the club members a gold coin donation to cover wear & tear on it. It was even written up in the Free Press how ex Olympic rowers Sally & Andrew Withers had joined our club’s coaching panel.

The club purchased a coaching punt (12ft) from Leigh Martin Marine for a sum of $795, then they purchased a outboard motor 9.8HP for $750.
Andrew Withers also donated to the club a used chainsaw to assist with the ongoing tree lopping jobs.

November 1992 we purchased a second hand fibreglass regulation four from YWCA for a sum of $3500.

1993 saw great success in the woman’s crews under coaches Sally Withers and Gus Good. Pam Westendorf from the AIS in Canberra came down for a weekend and gave advice to coaches and crews. The successful ladies were Kaye Burling, Naomi Nixon, Karen Cann, Tammy Good with Kristen McLean cox and Joanne O’Halloran in the U16 single sculls.

It was decided in 1993 to hold over shed extension plans until the following year due to the number of novice rowers, the club needs a good novice four. rowers, the club needs a good novice four.

Also noted in 1993 there was a clipping in the paper re a new 20 year lease with an option for a further 10 years for the clubhouse site.

This year also seen the club venture into selling loads of wood which would have been from the tree pruning.

The club decided to buy Mark Howards racing scull with a raffle being held at $50 per ticket to win your name going on the boat. Not sure what happened to the raffle, but the final payment to Mark was not made until 2002...(slight delay)

In 1993 life membership was awarded to Garry Cook.


It was in 1993 that the club purchased their first ergo for $1100. This was purchased from Pam Westendorf. We also purchased 10 oars from Mercantile Rowing Club.

To assist in the business of tree lopping, Georges Mowers of Corowa donated a new chainsaw for use. It was also suggested during this period that the High School be charged to use our facilities ($5 per person). Whereas the ladies committee was kept busy doing cake stalls, chocolate sales and another doll raffle. The ladies finished the 1994 season with over $2000 in the bank and they funded the bus trip to Footscray out of the Chocolate sales. This committee also raised over $200 from a perfume party.

1993/94 season had only a small number of rowers competing, with Joanne O’Halloran a stand out achiever. During this year the club participated in lots of working bees – 13 tree lopping jobs, 7 lawn jobs, and then shed working bees. Max Maclean donated his truck still for all these and Marg & Tammy supplied the morning teas.

1994 saw Shirlene Good receive life membership.

Chapter 4 page 1 2 3

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