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history of corowa rowing club

History of Corowa Rowing Club: 1863-2013

Chapter 2: 1928-1969 - Photo Gallery

1935 Junior Four - Mildura

L-r: Bow: Harry B Strong, 2: George H Strong, Str: Jack D Neilson, 3: John Marsh

Winning 1931 Maiden Four, 1933 & 34 Junior Four at Moodemere and 3rd place at Henley in 1932 Junior Four

Bow: G Rosser, 2: J Cuthbert, 3: V Howard, Str: R Howard, Cox: N Adams (in picture and 1934 cox O Wilson)

1930 Crew which includes Harry and George Strongs in bow and two seats

1930s crew from the Strong Collection

1934 Henley on Yarra

The reverse of the postcard states: This is why we came first at the wrong end of the race Henely on Yarra 3.11.34. George Strong (supporter), Harry Strong (No. 2 J4), G Howard (supporter), John Marsh (No. 3 J4)

1930s crew from the Strong Collection

1930s - George Strong's model A Ford in boat transport mode

1930s crew from the Strong Collection

1930s Boat Christening - probably the D C Brown

1936 Victorian Eight - Jack Neilson in 2 seat

Boat transport in the 1950s

Jim McMillan's 1947 Ford – Wire wheels and cable brakes - Frame by Jim and Duff Howard

1940s Christening of the Duff Howard

Austin A30 Crew car - S Kuschert

Club Invitation to use the Mercantile Rowing club 8 on the Yarra- unknown date

Cox: N.Willet, R.Lugg, K.Howard, K.Rosser, L.Harrison, M.Warhusrt , S.Kuschert, B.Carter, B.Harris

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