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history of the city of warrnambool rowing club

City of Warrnambool Rowing Club – 140 years on the Hopkins River

By Susan Finnigan

Warrnambool Ladies Rowing Club Office Bearers

Warrnambool Ladies Rowing Club committee (and some early members). It is unclear when the (Warrnambool) Ladies Club formed.

 Year President Vice-President   Secretary  Treasurer  Captain  Committee
1909  Mrs George Rolfe          
1911 Mrs George Rolfe   Miss Lillian (Lily) Foyle      
1914 Mrs George Rolfe Miss Murray Miss Eliza Campbell
Mrs F J Gill
  Mrs E Findley nee Foyles Rowers: Misses V. Newman, L. Clothier, G. Blevins, W. Fogarty, M. Day, V. Burke, D. Ive, M. Landmann, Hurley, Grayson, M. Drewett, E. Campbell, Miss Clothier, Miss Hives and Mr Buchanan (cox)
1915 Mrs George Rolfe Miss Murray Miss M Landman     Rowers included: Misses J. Jackaway, L. Grayson, Bourke, Blevins, O. Robinson, Gertie Morrisey, M. Drewett, R. Robinson, M. Day, K. Brown, D. Williamson, Fogarty, F. Milne, F. Brown, M. Holder Mrs F. J. Gill and F. Anson
1916 Mrs George Rolfe         Rowers included: Misses Milne, Day, Drewett, Blevins, Morrissey, Grayson, F. Brown and Katie Brown.
1917 Mrs George Rolfe         L. Grayson, M. Day, G. Morrissey, K. Brown, Mrs Gill, Miss Reece, McGrayson, Jenkinson, D. Dale, B. Reville, S.
Rodgers and Jenkinson
1927 Miss Lake       Mrs H B Randall Maguire, Jean Duncan, Thompson, Gladys Marr, Watkins and S. Wall.
1935     Mrs E Jones   Miss C Wall  
1936           Eunice Jessen, Marge Edmonds, Isabella MacNamara and Margaret McDonald.
1937           Eunice Jessen, Marge Edmonds, Isabella MacNamara and Margaret McDonald.


In 1961 the Club was offered use of the WRC shed, and i 1981 ladies officially became full members of the City of Warrambool Rowing Club.

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