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history of the city of warrnambool rowing club

City of Warrnambool Rowing Club – 140 years on the Hopkins River

By Susan Finnigan

Committee: 1870 - 2015

(City of) Warrnambool Rowing Club Committees. In some instances it was difficult to distinguish if the committee applied to a financial or calendar year or rowing season, as some names were reported in newspaper articles. This list is accurate to within one year, as far as possible.

Year   Secretary  Treasurer  Captain  Committee
1871 Mr C Kruger  Mr B Duffin    Regatta committee: Captain Alfred Selby, W Bateman, W Allan, E W St Quintin,
T E Bostock, J Flaxman, H Laurie, D M George, J A W Smart, Walter S
Helpman, W Pearson, E L Macgregor, A Baynes, D Sutton, J Chadwick, A
McKee, W Foote jun, J Tyler, D Brown, C Hortle, E Roache and Peter J
1872       Rowers included: A Baynes and Mr John Tyler
1873  A Baynes  Mr C Everett  Mr F Burley Messrs J T Taylor, E Roache, C Gray, J Snow, TW Southcombe (or Southerland)
and G Shakespeare. Over 100 member’s rowers included: J Becham, E Carey, G
Betts, R Carey, W Fairfax and W. Harrison 
1874       Rowers included: W S Davidson, W G Fairfax, C Hider, J Proudfoot, C Grey, J Milne, R Carey, J McGennan and E Roache 
1885 Mr J P Mack Mr W S Helpman Captain A S Brown Messrs. Stanley, McGennan, Crawford, J.T. Rogers, F. W. Briggs, James Nelson, O.
Wilson, George Proudfoot, and C.M. Plues. (T.H. Osborne-was involved with the
vice presidents and captain in organising sculling challenge race). Rowers included:
A. Anson, F. Peacock, A.C. Nelson and Jas Ross (cox)
1886 Mr J P Mack Mr W S Helpman Captain A S Brown Messrs. O. Wilson, James Nelson, A. Anson, E. H. Price, Peter J. McGennan, R.
Sheldrick, J. Lumsden, J.T. Rogers and J. Carpenter. Rowers included: A.C. Nelson
and J. Ross (cox)
1887     Captain A S Brown
Rowers included A. & J. Nelson, A. Anson, C. O’Donnell, H. Saltau, E.H. Price, G. Lumsden, S. Wilson, E. Carpenter, Taylor, J. T. Rodgers, R. Sheldrick, J. Lumsden,
C. Humphreys, F. Speed, J. Newman, Tieman, J. Granter, A. Wilson, McGrath, Wooles, J. Ross. John Tallent, M. Birmingham, Gus Stelling, F. Look, George Proudfoot, Geo. Telling, J. Birmingham, J.
Proudfoot, Thos. Proudfoot, J. Ritches, W. Rodger, E. Laing, P. Neal, J. Birmingham, Wes Rotchie and W. Parke
1888 E H Price   Captain A S Brown Rowers included: Mr W. Rawley, A. Anson, E. O’Donnell, H. Saltau, E. Carpenter,
A. Nelson, E. H. Price, J. Ross (cox). Hopkins: P. Neal, J. Birmingham, Wes Rotchie
and W. Parke
1889 Mr H W Osbourne Me H A C Macdonald   Patrons: Hons N. Thornley, S. W. Cooke, Agar Wynne, MLC and Mr John Murray,
MLC. Rowers included: A. Nelson
1890       Rowers included: B. Laing, T. Redford, G. Proudfoot, C. Ross, T. Rowan, A. Brown, C. Ross, and Granter.
1891       Rowers included: J. Granter, A.S. Brown, F.T. Redford, C. Ross, T. Rowan, G. Proudfoot, P Ryan, D. O’Driscoll, D. Cleary, A. Lumsden, B. Laing, D. Rowan, J. Rowan and A. Geilhofer.
1892       Rowers included: A. Lumsden, B. Laing, D. Rowan, J. Rowan and A. Geilhofer.
1893       Rowers Included: A. Lumsden, P. Ryan, D. Rowan, J. Rowan, D. Cleary, F. Gasper, R. Proudfoot, J. Coate, A.S. Brown, D. Cleary, D. O’Driscoll, E.H. Price, T. Rowan and C.
1896 J S Mack Major Helpman A S Brown, Vice: D O'Driscoll Patron Agar Wynne, M.L.C., Mr J. Murray, M.L.A., Dr Scott and Mr C.N.T. Opie.
1898       Rowers included: D. O’Driscoll, Fairbairn, Cruickshank, Cust, J. Hodgins, Molan, Taggart and Geilhofer
1900       Rowers included: George Brown.
1901       Patrons included: E.W. Norris (a jeweller).
1903       Rowers included: E. H. Price, R. Proudfoot, T. Rowan, D. Rowan, D. O’Driscoll, P. Ryan, C. O’Donnell, J. Rowan and D. Cleary.
1904       Rowers included: A.R. Proudfoot, P. Standering, S. Brown, R. Younger, Davies, McCoombe, Strang, Battarbee, Dudson, Flett, Chew, Good, W & A Price, H. Fletcher, Jewell, A. Proudfoot, H., S. & G.
Brown, Younger, Beaumont, Standering, Bruce, Ladner, Hyde, Tillson, R & O. Wilson, Hodgens, Morse, McCoombe, Carter, McDowall, Dudson, Marfell, Ballinger and Worland
1905       Rowers included: W. Flett, B. Chew, T. Strang, A. Price. Committee: Mr Marfell and Mr D. O’Driscoll
1909       Rowers included: Jarrani, W. Flett, W.I. Marfell, R.J. Russell, A.J. Fisher, H.G. Marfell and V. Williamson (cox)
1912       Rowers included: B. Rudd, V. Quinn, T. Richer, R. Jenkins, R. Curtis (cox), A. Collins, C. Jackaway, A. Manson, C. Humphreys, D. E. Fisher and W. R. McDonald
1913       Rowers included: L. Garland, E. Artso, W. Evans, V. Proudfoot and Richmond
1914 Mr F J Gill     Members: Trigg, Osborne, Walsh, B Laing, Ernie. E. Jenkins, H. Jenkins, Frank. J. Grayson, A. Armstrong, W. Schwarzenberg, W.
Hope, J. Jackson, A. Zully, O’Benllie, D. O’Driscoll, H. Marfell, A. R. Proudfoot, C. Foyle, A. J. Fisher, Gaittan, Mr Arthur Anson, J.
Sizeland, T. Jackaway, C. Jackaway, T. Tinker, R. New, J. Broadway, T. Dwyer. Regatta secretary: Mr C. Meckin Treasurer: Mr F. G.
Osborne, Stan. Palmer (cox) and Les. Palmer (cox)
1915 Mr Ernie E Jenkins Frank J Grayson Mr C Foyle, Vice: A J Fisher T. Mackay and C Swinburne. G. Robinson, Foyle, Corporal W. Hope, C. Jackaway,
H & E. Jenkins, W. Renwick, Tinker, Proudfoot, New, F. Hobbs, V. Smith, W.
McDonald, D. O’Driscoll, Arthur Anson, G. Bromyers and J. Thompson
1916 H Jenkins, E E Jenkins F J Grayson Mr C Foyle, Mr G Robinson, Mr C Jackaway D. O’Driscoll, W. Renwick, C. Jenkins, W. Hope, R. New, W. Schwarzenberg and
E. Jenkins. Members included: M. J. Tate, A. T. Price, Grayson, Tinker, Bowman,
and Storey. New members: Spotteswood, Hoeckle, Claffey, Lark, Rufus, Harrington
other rowers included: B. Proudfoot, R. New and S. Palmer
1917 E E Jenkins F J Grayson Vice: B Proudfoot D. O’Driscoll, C. Foyle, C. Jackaway, R. New, H. Jenkins, K. McDougall and K.
Storey. Coaches: A. Anson, T. O’Donnell. Audit: M.J. Tate. Rowers included:
Tinker, Bowman, D. Spottswood, Storey, Tinker, Hoeckle, E. Mitchell, D. Battarbee,
V. Sheriffs, B. Proudfoot, C. Mitchell, W. Sarli, H. Owens, L. Roper, S. Palmer, L.
Palmer, and T. Anson
1918       Committee/Rowers included: O’Driscoll, Grayson, New, Jenkins, Hoeckle, Russell, Hickford, T. Anson, Roper. Wishart, O’Donnell, Hope, Neagle and Whiphes
1919       O’Driscoll, Grayson, Jenkins, Hoeckle, Russell, Hickford, Anson, Roper. Wishart, O’Donnell, Hope, Neagle, Whiphes, Bostock, Ritchie, Robinson and Greening
1920     W Hope O’Driscoll, Jenkins, Anson, Roper. Wishart, Watson, Bostock, Robinson, Greening,
Grayson (2), P. Curtis, Wishart, Tinker, Collins, O’Brien, Holand Les. Palmer, S.
Tinker, E. Tinker, T. Anson, C. Riches and Gainlands
1921       O’Driscoll, E. & H. Jenkins, Anson, Hope, Watson, Greening, Grayson (2), Curtis, Tinker, Owen, G & D. Thompson, Murphy, Fisher, Dixon, Russell, Owen, Dider, Swan, Fairy and
1922       O’Driscoll, E. & H. Jenkins, Anson, Hope, Watson, Greening, Grayson (2), Curtis, Tinker, Owen, Jim, G & D. Thompson, Murphy, Fisher, Dixon, Russell, Owen, Dider, Swan, Fairy &
1923       O’Driscoll, Jenkins (x2), Anson, Hope, Watson, Greening, Grayson (2), Curtis, Tinker, Owen, G & D. Thompson, Murphy, Fisher, Dixon, Russell, Owen, Dider, Swan, Fairy & Curtis
1924       O’Driscoll, Jenkins, W. Hope, Curtis, Fary, Healand, McGill, Dunney, McConnell, B Kane, J. McKenzie, F. Brown, D. Callandes, A. Anson, W. McGuire, T. Floyd and B. C. O’Driscoll
1925 J Dale W Hope Kane, Vice: Tinkler Dower, Brown, Knights, Healand, Jackman, Jenkin, and Anson. Rowers included: J.
MacNamara, H. Sherrif, J. MacNamara, C. Earls, L. Halliwell and T. Fary
1926 Jenkins Mr J Gorman Kane, Vice: Thompson Brown, Jas. Knights, P. Knights, Mr Steere, Mr Dale, Mr McCullough, Mr G. H.
McCullough and Anson
1927 Jenkins, Assist: Mr C Dodds Mr J Downs Mr George Brown, Vic: J Shergold G. Fraser, L. Dodds, R. Gibbons, D. Owen, L. Lloyd, T. Anson W. Hooke, P.
Knights, W. Fary, D. Owens, A. Steere & L. Floyd
1928 Mr Jenkins
assist: Mr
Charlie (Chas)
Eric Dodds
Mr J Downs D Owens, Vice: Geo. Brown A. Steere, A Fisher, P. Knights, J. Fisher, G. Fisher, G. Fary, A. Anson and L.
1929 Mr C Dodds Mr J Downs George Brown Anson and Jackman
1930       Steere, Anson, Scutcheon, Hensal, C. Dodds, Downs and M. Armstrong
1931 Mr C Dodds Mr J Downs   Anson, Pickering, Dodds, Scutcheon, G. Fary, J. Fary, Edsall and M. Armstrong.
1932 Mr C Dodds     Anson, Knights, Downs, Proudfoot, Scutcheon, Kane, Jackman, Maloney, Jenkins,
Gibbons and M. Armstrong
1933       Maloney, A. Anson, C. Dodds and M. Armstrong
1934       M Armstrong
1935 Mr C Dodds   Mr Fred Comber Roy Scutcheon (coach), A. Anson and Toohey
1936 Mr Maloney,
assist: Mr
Mr Richmond Vice: Dodds & Mr
Scutcheon (coach), Toohey, Saddler, Homer, Anson and Beatties
1937 H Everard Mr R Jessen Mr Comber, Vic: Mr C Beattie Messers: Toohey, Saddler, Gladman, O’Callaghan, Cleary & Ryan and (Coxswains:
R. Dodds, S. Sadler)
1938 Cleary, Assist: H Everard   H Gladman, vice: R Merriman Mr E. Kenny (VRA rep), Coaches: C. Dodds, Mr Dawson. Committee: H. Auty, F.
Ryan, F. Toohey, R. Jessen, W. Sadler and J. O’Malley
1939 Fred Toohey J O'Malley R G Merriman, Vice: H Gladman Auditors: F. Ryan and F. Cleary, E. Kenny (VRA rep), Committee; Cleary, Owen
and Scutcheon
1940 H Gladman J O'Malley R G Merriman, Vice: Mr Jessen Auditors: F. Ryan, E. Owen. E. Kenny (VRA). Committee: R. Scutcheon, D. Lark,
R. Merriman, F. Toohey, H. Sherrif and Les. Sheedy
1941 Recess      
1942 Recess      
1943 Recess      
1944 Recess      
1945 Recess      
1946 G Collins J Esam R G Merriman, Vice: F Toohey D. Lark, F. Sheedy, N. Gladman, J. Asbury, F. Pye, K. Mackay and F. Miller.
1947 G Collins F Sheedy R G Merriman, Vice: C Dodds K. Machay, S. Lark, R. Hortle, D. Lark, R. Thorne, J. Morgan, F. O’Malley, L.
Miller and F. Anderson. Dr Patrick was the Club’s representative on the ‘Centenary
Committee’ and was convenor of the Bonfire Committee.
1948 G Collins, Assist: D Lark F Sheedy R G Merriman, Vice: P Johnson C. Dodds & Ron Merriman (coach). Press correspondent: F. Anderson. Committee
included: G. Collins, Mr C. Jackman, F. Anderson, S. Didier, K. O’Grady and F.
1949 L E Sheedy S Didier W Torrence, Vice: K O'Grady C. Dodds & F. Toohey (coaches) Rowers/committee: I. Anderson, P. Johnson, B.
Johnson, Arthur Thompson and brother Ian Thompson, Daniel Thompson, R.
Gibbons, K. McLeod, L. Whitson, F. Anderson, S. Lark, Jim. Hocking, A. Paterson,
K. Todd, R. Kenneally, Keith. Primmer, A. Ryan, A. Trench, Don. Tinker, L.
Whitson, A. Gibbons, L. Ponting, R. Hetherington, Jack Chislett, T. Kenneally, L.
Kennaugh, J. Dart, Dr Patrick, G. Kay, G. Robinson. Ladies committee: Mrs G.
Sheedy. Regatta Committee: A. Shirrefs, H. Shirrefs, Cr. A. Struth, C. Jackman, A.
Browne, R. Merriman, D. Lark, J. Esam, D. Townsend, J.H. Lark, R. Gibbons, J.
Walters & S. Lark.
1950 Mr L E Sheedy Mr S Didier W Torrence, Vice: K O'Grady A. Johnson, R. Gibbons, R. Tucker, A. Thompson, K. McLeod, L. Whitson, F. & I.
Anderson, S. Lark, F. Kennaugh, L. Ponting, Don. Tinker, J. Thompson, J. Hocking,
D. Munday, A. Ryan, G. Robinson and Charlie Kane
1951 Mr L E Sheedy Mr S Didier Mr P Johnson, Vice: Mr G Robinson F. Anderson, F. Thompson, A. Ryan, A. Thompson, W. Torrance, Don. Tinker, L.
Whitson, S. Lark and D. Munday. Mr A. G. Barrett (of MUBC) the Warrnambool Club’s VRA rep.
1952 Mr L E Sheedy Mr S Didier A. Thompson, J. Dart
1953 Mr L E Sheedy Mr S Didier A. Thompson, J. Dart


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