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History of Rowing Victory Inc

History of Rowing Victoria Inc

1. Rowing in a young Victoria, 1838 to 1860 - this chapter is under construction

Rowing in the regions

Chapter 1 page 1, 2, 3, 4

Page 1 - Rowing in Melbourne prior to the gold rush 1838-1851

Page 2 - The gold rush 1851-1860

Page 3 - Rowing in the regions

Page 4 - Rowing around Australia


Rowing commenced in Geelong shortly after rowing in the Melbourne town area despite being only a 1/10th of the size of their cousins in Melbourne town.

The regatta took place on Saturday 20th March 1844 and the Stewards were Captain Wycherley, Charles John Dennys and Charles Sladen, Modest prizes of either 4 or 5 pounds were provided.

Competitor numbers were low but four competitors, Wycherley, Dennys, Sladen and Luck, took part in three different events. Both Dennys and Sladen took part in the regatta, with vessels named Shamrock and Lucy respectively. Both were about 18 feet in length and it seems they constituted the entire local entries, and that the other boats taking part were from visiting ships lying at anchor off Point Henry1


  1. Jolly Dogs Are We - The History of Yachting in Victoria 1838-94, by Ralph Neale, published by Landscape Publications 1984, page 41

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