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History of Rowing Victory Inc

History of Rowing Victoria Inc

1. Rowing in a young Victoria, 1838 to 1860

The gold rush 1851-1860

Chapter 1 page 1, 2, 3, 4

Page 1 - Rowing in Melbourne prior to the gold rush 1838-1851

Page 2 - The gold rush 1851-1860

Page 3 - Rowing in the regions

Page 4 - Rowing around Australia

1857 sculling match

Michael Cannon reported on a sculling race in 1857 on the Yarra, no doubt for a wager. Rowing contests, which had been popular in Sydney since 1818, took some time to reach Melbourne. A great sculling match took place in June 1857 between Alfred Holland and William Jewiss, who raced five miles from Hawthorn Bridge to Church Street, Richmond, in 32-foot cedar boats fitted with outriggers. Holland won by two lengths, but after a protest the race was declared a draw.1


  1. Melbourne After the Gold Rush by Michael Cannon page 299 published by Loch Haven Books 1993

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