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A Centenary of Rowing Regattas— Murray Rowing Association

Appendix 3 - Regatta Day

"Regatta Day" five stanzas of a very lengthy poem composed by K. C. (Keith Cammeron) and published in the "Rutherglen Sun" on January 13th, 1893 after the Regatta of that year.

I'd be exceeding sorry, learn'd Editor, to worry your readers, but I've just a word to say;
So do not diatribe my endeavours to describe
What I witnessed on the great Regatta Day.
I'm a wee behind the fair, still I hope a space you'll spare,
While my narrative I struggle to make clear.
And to your mind recall what I saw 'neath gum trees tall
On the shady banks of placid Moodemere.

It would occupy much space to discourse upon each race
But the three I name below I think were best:
The Pair-Oared praise inviting, then the Challenge so exciting
With amateurs a really splendid test
Twixt the crews of Rutherglen and the plucky river men
From Corowa, who guesed they'd easily win.
Let them try next year again, when perhaps with might and main
To teach our boys defeat they may begin.

Your readers must agree very cordially with me
When I say the whole Regatta spelt "success"
And the crews who came from far on our smiling lake to "star"
We'll greet another time with heartiness.
Of the Cobram boys, indeed, we took particular heed, Their love for Moodemere being so great
That they tipped their gallant boat and serenely went to float.
On its bosom in a manner most sedate.

Chiltern darlings there I saw, angels bright from Corowa And pets from Rutherglen.
Wahgunyah maidens sweet, tripping round on lightsome feet,
To snare the dear young men.
From Beechworth hills, from the Plains, dressed with most becoming pains,
The charmers came to "Kill",
Till each flirtsome youth became oblivious to sport or game
And welcomed love's sweet thrill.

Now before I write good-bye, just picture in your eye Each damsel speeding home at eventide,
They're dreaming all the time of love's softly whispered rhyme
Murmered by the gallant at their side.
With such spells of sun and rain, of gladness and of pain
Do we pass the Flitting hours of life way!
And readers, one and all, may you long live to recall
The happiness of last Regatta Day.

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