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A Centenary of Rowing Regattas— Murray Rowing Association

Appendix 2 - 1873 Programme

Rutherglen, Wahgunyah, and Corowa Regatta.


WEDNESDAY, 1st JAN., 1873.

JUDGE: J. Houston, Esq.
TREASURER: Mr. D. G. Hamilton.
HON. SEC.: Mr. R. R. Briggs.
STEWARDS: Messrs. A. Hunter, D. Logan, T. Reeve, W.
Thorpe, F. W. Browne, T. Douglas.
Athletic Sports Committee: Messrs. W. Nott, I. Olcorn and W. Meeban.



Maiden Amateurs' Four-oared Race; heats. First Prize, £5; second prize, £2.
Maiden Flat Race, 150 yards. First prize, £ 1; second prize, l0s.


Grand Challenge Race; heats. First prize, £18; sec¬ond prize, £4.
Boys' Handicap Race, 100 yards, for all boys under 15 years of age. First prize, 15s.; second prize, 5s.


Maiden Amateurs' Race, four-oared, for youths under 18 years of age. First prize, £8; second prize, £2 l0 s. If four boats enter a third prize of £1 will be given.

Steeplechase, over three hurdles, 3ft. 6in. high; 150 yards. First prize, £2 l0s.; second l0s.


Borough Handicap Pair-oared Race, First prize, £7; second prize,£2 l0s.

Boys' Flat Race, for Boys under 14 years of age; 150 yards; handicap.First prize, £ 1; second prize, l0s.

If the stewards have sufficient funds in hand, to finish with a Hurry Scurry.
A Greasy Pole to be erected, for all comers, all day long. Prize, £1.

R U L E S .

1.All races must be contested in regatta costume.

2.Each boat must start with a distinguishing flag of not less than nine inches square.

3.No refreshment booth shall be erected except on sites sold by auction.

4.No person shall be allowed to sell fruit or confectionery on the ground unless a subscriber of half a guinea to the funds, and such vendors of fruit or confectionery to be restricted to open stalls or carts.

5.All boats to be subject to the approval of the stewards.

6.No entries will be received except on the distinct understanding that no appeal whatever will be allowed from the stewards' decision.

7.That no boat take another boat's water unless a half-boat's length intervene.

8.No fouling allowed. If two or more boats come in contact in rounding the buoys in the double course, it will not be considered a foul, unless the hands of the oarsmen or any of them, or of the coxswain, shall touch the opponents boat or boats.

9.The entrance money is to be five per cent. on the gross amount of the prizes for each event, except the Hurry Scurry (free.)

10.The races to commence at 10 o'clock a.m. precisely.

11.Entries to be made at least 30 minutes before each race.

12.No person will be allowed to bid for a booth unless a subscriber of one guinea to the funds.

13.Three entries or no race.

14.Three boats to compete for each race, or no second prize will be given.

15.If four boats start, the third boat to save her entrance money, except in the Maiden Amateurs' Race for boys, where a third prize will be given.

16.All boats will be allowed to enter for these races, subject to the sole condition that they are open string test gigs. No restrictions as to the length.

Hon. Sec.

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