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A Centenary of Rowing Regattas— Murray Rowing Association

5. 1911 Jubilee Regatta

The photo below is a section of the large crowd which attended the 1911 Jubilee Regatta.

1911 Jubilee Regatta crowd

Seated in the centre is the oldest crew present.

Many well known and prominent members of the rowing world are present among the crowd in the front row.
L. to R.: The boy with arms folded, Mr. Harry Rose. From tall man with hat in hand, Mr. L. Jackson, A. Francis, D. Hamilton, J. Swint, J. Grimmond, B. Parry, J. Chivell, S. Bray, P. Sheridan, R. Ready, J. Camplin, M. McInerney, J. Sheridan is man wearing the hat on the far right.

Behind the crowd in the right hand corner can be seen a portion of a Mia-Mia and in the left hand corner is the Secretary's Office.

Mia-Mias were quite popular with the families who attended the regattas as a place to entertain their friends, and provide shade to partake of their lunches.

Practically every family erected one of these Mia-Mias two or three days before the event and they were still popular up to the second World War. It was not uncommon to see them stretch from the present 2 mile point to almost the River Murray bank, a distance of about three-quarters of a mile.

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