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Patrick Moore Cambridge Australia Trust

for Masters through course work

Scholarships for Outstanding Victorians

The purpose of these scholarships is to provide young Australians from Victoria with the opportunity to further their studies so as to foster their intellectual, ethical and spiritual life to enable them to become effective leaders in their community.

Why Cambridge?

  • Global top ten University
  • Research intensive
  • Collegiate structure delivers breadth

Background Information for Applicants

1. The Applicant must have:

  • proven academic achievements;
  • proven achievements in other field(s) and the energy to use one's talents to the full as exemplified by contribution to the community and organisations to which they belong;
  • be of excellent character and to have the ability to lead to improve the lot of others in this life; and
  • graduated from a university in Victoria and be an Australian citizen or be an Australian citizen born in Victoria. It is intended that if the size of the scholarship fund increases to enable more than two students to be sent to Cambridge each year, then Australian citizens from other states and Universities are eligible provided that not less than two Victorian students are selected.

2. The selection committee will:

  • interview candidates;
  • ask for references and evidence of academic record and references;
  • ask for evidence of other achievements and references regarding these;
  • ask for character references;
  • select the students which best satisfy the criteria set out above; and
  • inform the Rector of Newman College of those awarded.

3. Successful Candidates will be expected to:

  • meet with Patrick Moore prior to their going to Cambridge;
  • keep the Cambridge Australia Trust informed of their academic and other activities at the end of each term and on completion of their course; and
  • allow the Cambridge Australia Trust to publicise scholar's achievements.

4. And on completion of their course:

  • encourage others to apply for the Scholarship;
  • meet with past, current and prospective Scholars; and
  • raise and donate contributions to the Scholarship fund where possible.


Patrick Moore in 1965 whilst racing for Cambridge

The Patrick Moore Cambridge Scholarship

The Patrick Moore Cambridge Scholarships are half scholarships. Each of these is worth $24,000 per annum. There is an expectation that the applicant will be supported by other scholarships, the applicant's business, clubs or family and friends. If a donation is made through the Patrick Moore Cambridge Trust or the Cambridge Australia Trust, then an amount of approximately $8,000 will be required with the balance of the $24,000 coming from elsewhere.

Further information and application forms can be found at:

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