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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Open Four - The University of New South Wales Trophy


The University of New South Wales Rowing Club was instrumental in establishing Schoolgirls rowing in NSW during the early 1990’s. The club was responsible for the development and coaching of girls from Sydney Girls High as well as conducting races for Schoolgirls as part of its Regatta programme. The first “Head” race for Eight was conducted by Mosman Rowing Club at Davidson Park in 1991 and was won by Sydney Girls High who also won the first Open Four Race. The trophy was donated by the University in 1994.

1994WenonaNo time
1995SCEGGS Redlands - Bow: Mikaela Lancester, 2: Susan Cottrell, 3: Victoria Roberts, Str: Clara Hall, Cox: Caroline Prentice5:55.65
1996MLC SchoolNo time
1997MLC SchoolNo time
1998AschamNo time
2000North Sydney Girls HighNo time
2001Not awarded
2002SCEGGS Darlinghurst - Bow: Currey, 2: Cacace, 3: Cogswell, Str: Wain, Cox: Thompson8:27.69
2003North Sydney Girls - Bow: Sciberras, 2: Mills, 3: Gray, Str: Kirby, Cox: Lawry7:56.20
2004Roseville - Bow: Blessington, 2: Mathews, 3: Richards, Str: Rix, Cox: Pokryzwa7:36.41
2005Not awarded
2006Sydney Girls - Bow: Edwina Paul, 2: Madeline Collings-Begg, 3: Yvette Salmon, Str: Bryony Cole, Cox: Briony Young, Coach: David Hourigan07:40.49
2007Sydney Girls - Bow: Edwina Paul, 2: Louisa McSpedden, 3: Eloise Sheldrick, Str: Cecile Elgindy, Cox: Ciara Halliday, Cch: Tim Hughes07:47.53
2008Ascham - Bow: Samantha Reardon, 2: Amelia Coutts, 3: Sabina White, Str: Tecla Di Francesco, Cox: Charlotte Grieve, Cch: Georgia Green, Jack Farthing07:49.05
2009Not Awarded
2010Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Harriet Hain, 2: Briony Wills, 3: Candice Williams, Str: Eloise Daniel, Cox: Samantha Gersbach, Cch: Crina Dihel, Joseph Donnelly, Haimish Karrasch07:51.74
2011Redlands - Bow: Holly McCudden, 2: Kaitlin Isaac, 3: Claire Rowe, Str: Alex Pilat, Cox: Isobel Fraser, Cch: Richard Allsop, Jessica Wickenden08:06.40
2012Redlands - Bow: Ailsa Mitchell, 2: Ina Marshall-Davies, 3: Kaitlin Isaac, Str: Holly McCudden, Cox: Isobel Fraser, Cch: Jessica Wickenden08:08.38
2013Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Tia-Rose Mills, 2: Madeleine Gentizon, 3: Chloe Hutchinson, Str: Caitlin Davis, Cox: Ben Boyle, Cch: Sarah Ellis07:37.90
2014Pymble Ladies - Bow: Grace McCloskey, 2: Isabelle Everingham, 3: Jasmine Hanley, Str: Madeline Tanna, Cox: Amber Evans, Cch: Michael Jenkins07:44.20
2015PLC Sydney - Bow: Jacinta Kendall, 2: Cassie Meyer, 3: Dyone Bettega, Str: Anais Alonso, Cox: Katherine Foudy, Cch: Hally Chapman07:39.26
2016PLC Sydney - Bow: Emily Ryan, 2: Lexe Meyer, 3: Emma Vey-Cox, Str: Jacinta Kendall, Cox: Jan Reodique, Cch: Hally Chapman07:45.28
2017Daramalan - Bow: Sophie Corver, 2: Amy Dwyer, 3: Georgia Tzavalas, Str: Jessica Brady, Cox: Abby Thomas, Cch: Mike Brady07:35.54
2018Roseville - Bow: Josette Pearce, 2: Katie Ashworth, 3: Alex Brown, Str: Georgie McArdle, Cox: Sophie Sneyd, Cch: Gonzalo Briones07:47.21
2019Roseville - Bow: Alexandra Van Der Laan De Vries, 2: Katie Ashworth, 3: Alex Brown, Str: Georgie McArdle, Cox: Catherine Clarkson, Cch: Gonzalo Briones07:35.55

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