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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

1995 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River

Wenona go top of the schoolgirl class (Wal Oakley, Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Mar 1995)

Wenona, stroked by Victoria Morgan, scored a first-up victory in the schoolgirls’ eight-oared Head of the River at Penrith, while Shore, Grammar, Newington and Kings made it through to the GPS final.

Libby North-Ash (bow), Emma Hodgkinson, Katie Wildman, Anna Hipsley, Phoebe Hennessy, Marg Morgan, Emily Walker, Morgan and Jane Webster (cox) won by 11.40s in the school’s initial attempt at the eight-oared title on Saturday.

“Sydney [High] came out with us at the start, but we were in front after 500m and had more than a length on the field at the halfway mark,” Wenona’s Morgan said.

After the initial flurry at 40 strokes per minute, the pre-race favourites settled the rating down to about 34, then pushed it up to 38, producing what Morgan described as “a grandstand finish for our supporters”.

Wenona covered the 2,000m in 7min 5.85s. Loretto Normanhurst pipped High for second place by just 0.35s, with Loretto Kirribilli fourth and Queenwood fifth.


Single Scull




1st Loreto Kirribilli – Joanna Ferguson

2nd Kingswood High – Meghann Russell

3rd Westfields High – Jodie Austin

Open Four

The University of New South Wales Trophy




1st SCEGGS Redlands – Bow: Mikaela Lancester, 2: Susan Cottrell, 3: Victoria Roberts, Str: Clara Hall, Cox: Caroline Prentice

2nd Queenwood

3rd Wenona

First Four

The Sydney University Women’s Sports Association Trophy

No time

1st Sydney Girls High - Bow: Phoebe Smith, 2: Alexandra Elser, 3: not known, Str: Amy Greenlees, Cox: Natasha McLay

At this time, this race was a lightweight four event and it is thought to be the last time a lightweight four event was conducted.

1st Eight




1st Wenona – Bow: Libby North-Ash, 2: Emma Hodgkinson, 3: Katie Wildman, 4: Anna Hipsley, 5: Phoebe Hennessy, 6: Marguerite Morgan, 7: Emily Walker, Str: Victoria Morgan, Cox: Jane Webster

2nd Loreto Normanhurst

3rd Sydney Girls

Year 10 Single Scull




1st Loreto Kirribilli – Joanna Ferguson

2nd Kingswood High – Bronwyn Leggot

3rd PLC Pymble – Emma Shaw

Year 10 Coxed Four Division 1




1st Wenona – Bow: Louisa Gilpin, 2: Seiglind Schmidmaier, 3: Sarah Hipsley, Str: Louka Momberg, Cox: Nicola Murphy

2nd SCEGGS Darlinghurst

3rd Sydney Girls High

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