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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Open Coxed Quad Division 1


1998North SydneyNo time
1999PLC Sydney7:44.00
2000Hunter Valley Grammar - Bow: Clapper, 2: Reynolds, 3: Renyolds, Str: Amber, Cox: Unknown8:05.87
2001Snowy Mountains Grammar - Bow: Clarke, 2: Booker, 3: Hawkins, Str: Booker, Cox: Unknown8:02.92
2002South Grafton High - Bow: Doman, 2: Bowling, 3: Bowling, Str: Land, Cox: Hay7:49.59
2003Roseville - Bow: Pound, 2: Francis, 3: Wilson, Str: Fenner, Cox: Pokrzywa7:41.04
2004South Grafton High - Bow: Brown, 2: Sims, 3: Zaffino, Str: Bowling, Cox: Nay7:39.59
2005Queenwood - Bow: India Madderom, 2: Sophie Holman, 3: Ellie Jenkins, Str: Alice Macdonald, Cox: Mary Brookes, Cch: David Zammit, Samantha Zammit8:01.75

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