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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

First four - The Sydney University Women’s Sports Association Trophy (Awarded until 2006)

The Sydney University Women’s Sports Association was formed on 5 August, 1910 and has since its inception been an active promoted and supporter of Women’s Rowing. The association donated this trophy in 1993 for competition between Schoolgirls Lightweight Four. The trophy was won in 1993/4/5 by Sydney Girls High. Originally awarded for lightweight rowing, then Schoolgirls First Four until 2006, it is now presented to the Schoolgirls Second Eight.

1993Sydney Girls HighNo time
1994Sydney Girls HighNo time
1995Sydney Girls HighNo time
1996Loreto NormanhurstNo time
1997SCEGGS DarlinghurstNo time
1998Loreto NormanhurstNo time
1999Loreto Normanhurst8:23.22
2000Pymble Ladies - Bow: Bragg, 2: Patterson, 3: Hardy, Str: Rasmus, Cox: Unknown8:07.29
2001Loreto Kirribilli - Bow: Zietsch, 2: Pembroke, 3: Noel, Str: Cloudsdale, Cox: Unknown8:04.11
2002Canberra Girls Grammar - Bow: Edwards, 2: Teague, 3: Newton, Str: Bradley, Cox: Seeto7:36.06
2003Pymble Ladies - Bow: Mulvey, 2: Miles, 3: Hosking, Str: Smith, Cox: Monagham7:45.72
2004Loreto Kirribilli - Bow: Carroll, 2: Hudson, 3: Murphy, Str: Bleasel, Cox: Gay7:45.47
2005Pymble Ladies - Bow: Phillippa Hendy, 2: Sarah Bartlett, 3: Samantha Neal, Str: Kimberly Daymond, Cox: Skye Redman, Cch: Richie Hallet7:52.52
2006Pymble Ladies - Bow: Angela Boustred, 2: Jessica Phillips, 3: Samantha Doyle, Str: Sarah Hedges, Cox: Nell Duly, Cch: Richard Hallett7:30.51

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