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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2018 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River.


2018 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River–
Year 10 Coxed Quad Scull Division 2







1st Loreto Normanhurst - Bow: Brahnie Mitchell, 2: Isabella Dodd, 3: Erin O`Brien, Str: Stephanie Arnold, Cox: Zoey Hartshorne, Cch: Isebella Hogan, Anna O'Hanlon, Chloe Congdon

2nd Canberra Girls Grammar - Bow: May Stuckey, 2: Sarah Walker, 3: Emma de Somer, Str: Erin Behel, Cox: Monique Dunphy

3rd Pymble Ladies - Bow: Jessica Oppenheim, 2: Jasmine Bowers, 3: Lily Evans, Str: Breanna Nicholls, Cox: Jacqueline Gibson, Cch: William Newnham

4th PLC Sydney - Bow: Lily Pacey, 2: Tashiyana McCarthy, 3: Madeline Gee, Str: Natasha Tran, Cox: Angelina Kaleel, Cch: Georgia Campbell

5th Roseville - Bow: Lucy McAlpine, 2: Alexandra Van Der Laan De Vries, 3: Carris Campbell, Str: Abby Lander, Cox: Lily O'Dwyer, Cch: Gonzalo Briones

6th Radford College - Bow: Tilly Stanier, 2: Ella O'Neil, 3: Alex Jarratt, Str: Jacinta Davies, Cox: Alexia Clode, Cch: James Stuchbery

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