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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2017 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River.


2017 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River–
2nd Eight





1st Queenwood - Bow: Ellen Houston, 2: Kira Holden, 3: Isabelle Holthouse, 4: Alexandra Nell, 5: Alex Smits, 6: Annabelle Carr, 7: Laura Ganley, Str: Olivia O'Donnell, Cox: Emily Brunner, Cch: Ray Boyle, Charly-Rose Iron

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Bella Harding, 2: Sally Uttley, 3: Isabel Lamph, 4: Phoebe Skene, 5: Harriet Haege, 6: Zita Lamph, 7: Isabelle Robson, Str: Chloe Wilson, Cox: Mia McCarten, Cch: James Smith, Kim Mackney, Laura Dearman

3rd Pymble Ladies - Bow: Arabella Hamilton, 2: Charlotte Buckland, 3: Phoebe Coles, 4: Emily Clisdell, 5: Dominique Nash, 6: Abigail Irving, 7: Alice Clifton, Str: Jacqueline Ferry, Cox: Daisy Spence, Cch: Richard Allsop, Karl Schmidt

4th Loreto Kirribilli - Bow: Isabella Linschoten, 2: Anna Sandford, 3: Sophie Scholes, 4: Katherine Hogg, 5: Emily Marshall, 6: Georgina Drinnan, 7: Sarah Lowrey, Str: Alexandra Pappas, Cox: Claudia Sayle, Cch: Charles Marriott, Martin Gordon

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