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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2009 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River.


2009 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River–
Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull Division 4









1st PLC Sydney - Bow: Elise Edwards, 2: Sophie Lllingworth, 3: Julia Hamilton, Str: Nikki Mancuso, Cox: Brooke Flint, Cch: Jessica Wickenden

2nd Loreto Normanhurst - Bow: Madeleine Gulliver, 2: Jade Schokman, 3: Georgia McGahey, Str: Hannah Stilin, Cox: Madelyn Criss, Cch: Michael Foster, William Dankbaar

3rd Roseville - Bow: Eden Lim, 2: Isabel Lyons, 3: Madeleine Messenger, Str: Chloe Penfold, Cox: Emma Vazquez, Cch: Lauren Alderson

4th Ascham - Bow: Jessica Malcolm, 2: Natalie Turner, 3: Rebecca Dupain, Str: Emma Licardy, Cox: Ellen Donald, Cch: Jerry Koutts

5th Queenwood - Bow: Caroline Brunner, 2: Amy Brown, 3: Antonia Stainer, Str: Tattiana Armstrong, Cox: Madigan Armstrong-Brommhead, Cch: Kieran Kobelke

6th Loreto Kirribilli - Bow: Sally Henderdon, 2: Charlotte Lowrey, 3: Jamie-Rose Moore, Str: Isabelle Smith, Cox: Cassandra McAlary, Cch: Julia Murphy, Genevieve Fick

7th Canberra Girls Grammar - Bow: Lucy Parker, 2: Heidi Cathels, 3: Georgina Coggins, Str: Georgia Comensoli, Cox: Dhanushka Vitharana, Cch: Jodi Groothoff

8th Pymble Ladies - Bow: Nikki-Lenia Raftopulos, 2: Chloe Comino, 3: Katarina Stuart, Str: Lisa Miller, Cox: Serena Cox, Cch: James Walton

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