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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2007 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River.


2007 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River–
Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull Division 6







1st Pymble Ladies 6 - Bow: Brittany Underwood, 2: Lauren Young, 3: Grace Corrigan, Str: Emma Stubbs, Cox: Anna Howard, Cch: Rowenna Slocombe

2nd PLC Sydney 6 - Bow: Georgia Bechara, 2: Katherine Peverell, 3: Nicole Petrin, Str: Annie Achie, Cox: Matilda Fay, Cch: Katharine McKeever

3rd Roseville 6 - Bow: Greta Kool-Clarke, 2: Jasmine Hart, 3: Ellyn Grotte, Str: Christina Price, Cox: Madeleine Playfair, Cch: Karina Brezny

4th Canberra Girls Grammar 6 - Bow: Rachel Christian, 2: Lauren Symmes, 3: Samantha Boxell, Str: Nikki Gouvoussis, Cox: Hannah Chirgwin, Cch: Avril Baker

5th Ascham 6 - Bow: Francesca Fox, 2: Alexandra Morgan, 3: Yasmin Howes, Str: Emily O'Halloran, Cox: Zoe Moss, Cch: Millie Macpherson, Kyeema Doyle

6th Queenwood 6 - Bow: Jasmin Lee, 2: Lara Beerden, 3: Lauren Goodrich, Str: Kara Stead, Cox: Jordan Crawford, Cch: Sophie Holman

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