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History of Preston Rowing Club in Melbourne Victoria Australia

History of Preston Rowing Club

Chapter 1 - Establishment and Change of Name

On December 6, 1919 a public meeting was convened in the Parish Hall, Reservoir by Mr E W Rose for the purpose of forming a rowing club. Hon. J. Cain, M.L.A., occupied the chair at the well attended meeting of interested citizens, and Mr. Rose explained the benefits to be derived from a rowing club and put a motion that a club be formed to be known as the Northern Districts Rowing Club.

A strong committee was formed and soon had men in boats mainly due to the generosity of the Albert Park, Hawthorn, Richmond and Footscray Rowing clubs and Messrs. Greenland and Sons, all of whom donated boats and oars.

To help finances it was decided to hold a carnival in conjunction with the Preston Returned Soldiers. At this function, which raised £102, our first rowing events were run. The honour of winning these races went to G. Lewis and R. Mason in the senior pairs and the junior pairs were won by L. Brown and S. Gillson.

Henley, 1920, our first regatta entry, the crew - W. Johnston (bow), L. Maynard (2), G. Lewis (3), E. Edington (str ), G Cochrane (cox), E.W. Hose (coach) were unfortunate in not being able to start, but competed at V.R.A. the following Saturday. The club was now the Preston Rowing Club, this change being necessary as the club was thought to be a country club. During this season we started in six regattas without success.

A copy of the first annual report of the then named Northern Districts Rowing Club for the 1919-20 season can be found through this link. It demonstrates the strength of this fledgling club.

Henley on Yarra in 1920

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