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history of australian rowing at world university games and the universiades

1993: 17th Summer Universiade – Buffalo USA

This was the first large team sent by Australia to this event.

The 1993 World University Games were one of the year's major international sporting events with over 5000 athletes and 2000 officials from over 120 countries. The 1993 Games included the world's largest basketball and volleyball competitions and are bigger than the Commonwealth Games and twice as big as the Winter Olympics. Only the Summer Olympics is a bigger event than the World University Games. The Games are held every two years.


Women's Four
First & final: 1st Romania 7:19, 2nd Canada 7:30, 3rd Australia 7:39 - six crews

Women's Lightweight Pair
First & final: 1st China 7:40, 2nd Canada 7:54, 3rd Australia 7:55 - six crews

Men's Scull
1st Romania (Nicolae Taga) 7:23, 2nd Canada (Derek Porter) 7:24, 3rd Belgium (Tom Symoens) 7:27, 4th France (Vince Lepreau) 7:28, 5th Australia (Alastair McLachlan) 7:37 - sixteen scullers

Men's Pair
1st Canada (Phil Graham & Darren Barber) 7:03, 2nd USA (brothers Tim & Jerome Ryan) 7:09 - thirteen entries

Men's Lightweight Double Scull
1st Germany 6:41, 2nd Italy 6:44, 3rd Canada 6:46, 4th Australia 6:52 - eleven entries

Australian Team

Women's Four- Third
Bow: Bronwyn Opferkuch
2: Emma O'Connor
3: Emily Tidey
Str: Margot Tidey
Cch: Murray Clarke (NSW)

Women's Lightweight Pair- Third
Bow: Georgia Radcliffe-Smith (VIC)
Str: Kathy McCallum (VIC)
Cch: Josie Millard (VIC - in Aust only)

Men's Scull- Fifth
Alastair McLachlan (SA)
Coach: Nick Hunter (ACT - in Aust only)

Men's Coxless Pair - Eleventh
Bow: David Hobart (QLD)
Str: Anthony Steinfort (QLD)
Cch: John Rynne (QLD)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull - Fourth
Bow: Ivan Hooper (QLD)
Str: Richard Edmonds (QLD)
Cch: Bruce Greenland (QLD)

Team staff:
Manager- Rowing Section: Steven Pennicott (VIC)

Assistant General Manager- Whole Team: Margot Foster (VIC)

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