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Rowing Australia Inc History

History of Rowing Australia

The Original Women’s Council

Members of the Original Women's Council

  • President: Lady Helen Munro Ferguson
  • Vice-Presidents
    • SA: Lady Weigall
    • QLD: Miss Edris Marks
  • Councillors
    • NSW: Alice Bentley & Florence Crozier
    • SA: Mabel A Sowter & Mary A Persse
    • QLD: Winifred Lea & J B Abercrombie
    • TAS & VIC: Joined in 1921

The major difference between the men's and women's councils was that the women's council permitted membership of clubs direct to the federal council. This was initially because the States did not have ladies' rowing associations but was retained after State ladies' associations were formed. For example the Victorian Ladies Rowing Association was not formed until 1925, the NSW Ladies' Association until 1929 and a new SA Ladies Rowing Association until 1934. (An earlier SA Ladies Rowing Association was in existence prior to 1934 commencing pre WWI. However it did not survive and the new Association was formed in 1934.)

The first two resolutions of the new Women's Council were as follows:

First Resolution

That a Council, having for its principal object the control of ladies' interstate rowing contests, be and the same is hereby formed,

Second Resolution

That the following constitution and rules be adopted:

  1. The name of the Council shall be "The Australian Ladies' Rowing Council".
  2. The Council shall consist of all approved ladies' rowing clubs or rowing associations in Australia.
  3. The objects of the Council shall be:
    1. To promote and in all respects control interstate boat races,
    2. To act as a court of appeal for the settlement of all matters in dispute in connection with such boat races, and
    3. To make rules for the government of interstate boat-races with power from time to time to alter vary or rescind the same.
  4. The management of the affairs of the Council shall be vested in two councillors selected by the club or clubs or association in each state taking part in the interstate boat-races and they shall elect a chairwoman and honorary secretary from their own number.
  5. The Council may elect a president. Each state elect one vice-president from their state represented thereon who shall all hold office until deposed and who shall be eligible to attend and vote at meetings of the council.
  6. The chairwoman and honorary secretary shall always be councillors of the state in which the interstate boat race is next to be rowed and within one calendar mouth after the date of each race the honorary secretary shall forward all books papers and moneys belonging to the Council to her successor in office.
  7. No rule or resolution passed at any meeting of the Council shall be amended repealed or rescinded except by a two-thirds majority of all the affiliated states represented at a subsequent meeting.
  8. All matters affecting interstate boat-races my be dealt with and decisions thereon arrived at between meetings of the Council in manner following (that is to say):

     The club or clubs or association requiring the Council's decision may apply in writing to the honorary secretary for the time being for the same and such honorary secretary shall immediately on receipt of such application notify all the councillors of the matter raised and  ask for their state's decision thereon and on receipt of same shall forthwith advise the applicant of the decision of the majority of the states.

    Any decision arrived at in this manner shall be binding until the next meeting of the Council is held when any matter so decided shall be re-opened and discussed by the Council when it may be confirmed amended or reversed.
  9. Each state shall pay an affiliation fee to the Honorary Secretary for the time being of 5s. per annum for each of its councillors.
  10. So far as applicable 'conference' decisions and rules governing men's interstate eight-oar races and sculls shall be adopted by the Council.

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