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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Club Men's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st UTS - Bow: Zac Whitehead, 2: George Finlayson, 3: Paddy Holt, Str: Marcus Elster, Cch: Tim McLaren, John Smyth

2nd Sydney - Bow: Matthew Gertenbach, 2: Clinton Boltman, 3: William O'Connell, Str: Nicholas Clifton, Cch: Jason Baker

3rd Melbourne University - Bow: Jackson Harrison, 2: Hamish Rowlands, 3: Sam Morrison, Str: Jonothan Hookway, Cch: David England

4th University of Tasmania - Bow: James Cocker, 2: Shaun Finlayson, 3: Tom Cox, Str: Tom Wilcox, 

5th Power House - Bow: Nick Inglis, 2: Andrew Sinclair, 3: Nicholas Andreou, Str: Drew Holman, 

6th Yarra Yarra - Bow: James McDonell, 2: Neil Williams, 3: Joseph Plunkett, Str: Ashley Campbell, Cch: Alysha Batliwalla, Elly Fennessy

7th Adelaide University - Bow: Lachlan Kirchner, 2: Alistair Rowe, 3: James Kay, Str: Max Partington, Cch: Brenton Terrell

8th Swan River - Bow: Phillip Colic, 2: William Williamson, 3: Nicholas Ferguson, Str: Tobi Amaranti, Cch: David Rich, Michael Hinsley, Neville Kempton


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