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Australian Rowing History

2017 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Men's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Final A









Final A

1st The Southport School - Bow: Isaac Mibus, 2: Max Cossill, 3: Sam Gibson, Str: Jake Heck, Cox: Jack Caskey, 

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Richard King, 2: Henry Ponder, 3: Henry Gibson, Str: Cody Kelso, Cox: Harry Thompson, Cch: James Smith, Kim Mackney, Chris Headley

3rd Trinity College - Bow: Alex Rossi, 2: Luca Rossi, 3: Jordan Tyson, Str: Joe Pinto, Cox: Joel Taylor, Cch: Paul Bolton, Phil Jurjevich

4th St Augustines - Bow: Nikolas Pender, 2: Harry Thomson, 3: Torben Ungemach, Str: Patrick Burke, Cox: Tom Pfafflin, Cch: Linda Read, Judith Ungemach

5th Cathedral - Bow: Kyle Hemmett, 2: Shaun Keough, 3: Jacob Groves, Str: Brendan Walsh, Cox: Ben Talbot, Cch: Stephan Muhlenberg

6th Brisbane & GPS Composite - Bow: Daniel Webb [UQBC], 2: Harry Routh [BUND], 3: Kai du Plessis [UQBC], Str: Lachlan Donchak [BGPS], Cox: Niall Waller [BGPS], Cch: Andrew Clatworthy, Desmond Jacobsen, Paul Webb

7th Cranbrook - Bow: Jack Henderson, 2: Mitchell Caponas, 3: Nicholas Stavrinos, Str: Jack McCaffery, Cox: Angus Murray, Cch: Adrian Henning

8th Canberra Grammar - Bow: Tomas Ostroumoff, 2: Ben Daniell, 3: Peeter Mirlieb, Str: Freddie Klein, Cox: Oliver Merchant, Cch: Lucy Price


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