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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxless Pair

Final A







Final A

1st Adelaide/Melbourne Uni-RBNTC/.. - Bow: Joshua Booth [MelbU], Str: Alexander Hill [Adelde]

2nd Sydney-NSWIS/ACTAS - Bow: Angus Moore, Str: Joshua Hicks, Cch: Donovan Cech

3rd Sydney-RBNTC - Bow: Spencer Turrin, Str: Alexander Lloyd

4th Mosman - Bow: Sasha Stradaev, Str: Grigorii Shchulepov, Cch: Sergey Boukreev, Nick Garratt

5th Sydney University-NSWIS - Bow: Jack Hargreaves, Str: Christopher Cunningham-Reid

6th Bucks/University Of Queensland - Bow: Nathan Goldstone [UniQld], Str: Samuel Volker [Bucks], Cch: Brett Crow, Zoltan Shepherd

Scratched Mercantile/Melbourne Uni-VIS - Bow: Joshua Booth [MelbU], Str: Josh Dunkley-Smith [Merc]

Scratched UTS-NSWIS - Bow: James Medway, Str: Charles Risbey, Cch: Tim McLaren


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