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Australian Rowing History

2016 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Quad Scull

Final A








Final A

1st Swan Composite-RBNTC/Tis/NSWIS - Bow: Christopher Morgan [Sydny], 2: Max McQueeney [Bucks], 3: Wilson Mure [Huon], Str: David Watts [SwanR], Cch: John Driessen

2nd Sydney Uni Comp.-NSWIS/SASI/R.. - Bow: Alexander Hill [Adelde], 2: Nicholas Purnell [SydU], 3: James McRae [MrryBr], Str: Cameron Girdlestone [SydU]

3rd WARC Composite-WAIS - Bow: Christopher Hayes [SwanR], 2: Timothy Widdicombe [UniWA], 3: Matthew Cochran [WARC], Str: Rhys Grant [WARC]

4th Uni Queensland/Grammarians - Bow: Harold Hinckfuss [UniQld], 2: Ben Morley [Grammrns], 3: Nathan Goldstone [UniQld], Str: Angus Lillicrap [UniQld], Cch: Zoltan Shepherd, Benjamin Southwell

5th UTS - Bow: Michael Keene, 2: Ben Coombs, 3: Jordan Hooper, Str: Justin Quigley, Cch: John Smyth, Tim McLaren

6th Power House - Bow: Nick Inglis, 2: Andrew Goldstein, 3: Andrew Sinclair, Str: Ben Elgar-White

7th University Of Nsw - Bow: Robert Selbie, 2: Christopher Byrnes, 3: Aaron Todd, Str: Chris Blundell, Cch: Christopher Malouf


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