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Australian Rowing History

2010 National Rowing Championships–
Open Club Women's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st Melbourne Uni - Bow: Hannah Clark, 2: Lucy Stephan, 3: Ashleigh Forbes, Str: Emily Hamilton, Cch: Pete Kupcis, Claire Bowtell

2nd Melbourne - Bow: Tanja Nishibata, 2: Jess Hergott, 3: Jessica Lion, Str: Helen Mosse, Cch: John Reddaway

3rd Mercantile - Bow: Samantha Shearman, 2: Nicola Daniel, 3: Clare Canty, Str: Madelen Kostros, Cch: Tom Abramowski

4th Sydney University - Bow: Greta Beale, 2: Michelle Battersby, 3: Sarah Sackville, Str: Grace Michell, Cch: Alan Bennett, William Townsend


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